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Yorkshire says former players are victims of racial harassment

British county cricket team Yorkshire admitted that one of the former players was a victim of racial harassment and bullying.

Former England Under-19 captain Azeem Rafiq said in an interview last year that as a Muslim, he felt like an “outsider” during his time in Yorkshire from 2008-18. I almost end my life.

Rafic is the youngest captain in Yorkshire’s history. He led the team to the 2020 game in 2012.

Yorkshire commissioned a formal investigation of Rafik’s claim, and the independent panel’s findings and a summary of recommendations were finally announced on Friday.

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Yorkshire stated that Rafik made more than 40 allegations, seven of which were supported in the report.

“There is no doubt that Azeem Rafiq was a victim of racial harassment during his time as YCCC’s first player,” said Roger Hutton, chairman of Yorkshire.

“He also became a victim of bullying. On behalf of everyone in YCCC, I would like to extend my sincere, deep and unreserved apology to Azeem and his family.” The report found that Rafik had his first game in Yorkshire. It was in 2008-14 that he did not get halal food in the competition, and this has now been corrected.

It found three instances of using racist language before 2010, which is equivalent to harassment on the grounds of race.

According to the report, in 2012, a former coach “usually used” racist language.

The report found that during Rafik’s second spell, 2016-18, jokes surrounding religion made people feel uncomfortable.

Also in that time frame, someone mentioned Rafik’s weight and health, which is equivalent to bullying. The report also admitted that the club failed to follow up on the allegations made by Rafik at the time in August 2018.

The last allegation to be maintained is that on some occasions before 2018, the club could have done more to make Muslims feel more popular in their stadiums, and should better deal with racism and anti-reaction in these stadiums. Complaints about social behavior.

However, the report did find that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the club was institutionally racist.

It also found that all of Rafik’s choice and final release from the club were based solely on cricket.

“I believe that the entire club’s responsible reception of the report and the clear and collective determination to enthusiastically accept its recommendations is for us to become more thoughtful, more inclusive and to ensure that every aspect of the club is fully in line with the great game of cricket. Spirit,” Hutton said.

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