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Woll, Knies, Villeneuve, etc.

Welcome to the new column of the Toronto Maple Leafs team in hockey writers, Maple Leafs Outlook Weekly. In this series, I will give you a quick understanding of the prospects of organizations that are making headlines in the American Hockey League (AHL), Canadian Hockey League (CHL), NCAA, European League, and anywhere in between.

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In the first edition of Maple Leafs Prospects, I will see a goalkeeper who has just reached the NHL milestone and an impressive second-round weekend. I will also discuss a defensive player from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), as well as some quick shots from the Toronto Mali team.

Wall of the Maple Leafs collects the first NHL knockout

I must first yell at Joseph Wall because he was eliminated by the NHL for the first time.He was recalled by the Maple Leafs after being injured Peter Mrazek, He signed in the summer.Wall made his NHL debut and won 5-4 victory He defeated the Buffalo Sabres on November 13 and was eliminated in Sunday’s 3-0 victory over the New York Islanders. This was his second start.

Joseph Wall, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

The Missouri native had a successful tenure at Boston College in the NCAA after the draft year in the third round of the 2016 draft. However, his time in the American Hockey League (AHL) was bumpy at best.Many people, including myself, are surprised when Wall gets a nod Michael Hutchinson Or Eric Calgren, but he did a good job in both starts.

Joseph Wall: “It’s incredible, especially when you see the team fall 3-0 and block shots at the end of the game. I think it’s really special. I think it proves. To understand how strong the culture is and how everyone really likes to support everyone.”

Although he scored four goals in the first game, the Maple Leafs also let their feet off the throttle, which allowed the Sabres to score two goals in less than a minute. Wall looked calmer and more confident when facing the Islanders, and stopped all 20 shots. Although he had a lighter workload against New York, he completed the task when the Maple Leafs needed him. We will see how long coach Sheldon Keef will call Wall while Murazek is in the injury reserve.

Knies lights it up on international TV

Maple Leaf’ 2021 second round Matthew Kenneth spent an impressive freshman season at the University of Minnesota. The mini-series against Pennsylvania State University last weekend was played on the TSN app, so Canadian hockey fans who don’t usually watch college games can watch it when Knies comes forward. He scored two goals and three assists in two games over the weekend, and now has 14 points in 14 games, second only to Josh Dogan (second-round pick for the Arizona Coyotes) And Matthew Coronato (the first-round pick of the Calgary Flames)-the average game score of a freshman.

What I like about Knies’ games is his booming shooting and stubborn, online style. He is always fierce in possession (as shown in the video above), and he is 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 205 pounds, and is in good shape. So far this season, his performance has exceeded expectations. If he can keep up, he should be listed as the top rookie of the Maple Leafs.

Villeneuve reverses the situation after a slow start

The Maple Leafs entered the QMJHL prospect pool in 2020 and selected defensive player William Villeneuve in the fourth round. The Sherbrooke native started the season slowly and made no sense in the first five games, but he has been tearing it up lately and now has 12 points in 18 games with the St. John’s Sea Dogs.

When the Maple Leafs drafted Villeneuve, he was touted as a skilled offensive defender who needed to work hard on defense. Therefore, after scoring 58 points in 64 games in the draft season and 20 points in 33 games in 2020-21, seeing his lack of performance is a bit worrying.

William Villeneuve St. John's Sea Dogs
William Villeneuve of St. John’s Sea Dogs (Dan Culbertson/St. John’s Sea Dogs)

Maple Leafs management must see in this 6-foot-2, right-handed defensive player something that no one else has seen, considering They signed him An entry-level contract was signed in September. He turned 20 in March, so this season will be the last season of his junior year because he will be eligible to participate in the AHL next season. It’s great to see him find his offensive game, hope this is a good sign.

Quick hit: Ho-Sang gets the beauty, Voit continues to succeed silently

To start my quick shot, you may have seen Josh Ho-Sang score a goal for the Marlies team against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in overtime. But if you haven’t, here it is.

The monk also contributed an assist in that game, allowing him to score 8 goals and 12 points in 13 games this season.Maple Leaf seems to give the monk the same treatment They did it for Alex Galchenyuk Last season and allowed him to spend some time in the AHL before training him. Whether he is called up in the new year, trade deadline or next season, I think when he returns to the NHL, we can look forward to his great achievements.

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At the same time, Ty Voit spent a fulfilling week at OHL. Sarnia played three consecutive games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Voight scored two goals and two assists. He has now scored 20 points in 15 games this season and is participating in the World Youth Dialogue for the Canadian team.

Looking forward to the week ahead

This week, Knees and the University of Minnesota will face the University of North Dakota in two series over the weekend. At the same time, Mali will play against the Cleveland Monsters at home, and the Maple Leafs’ next back-to-back game will take place in two weeks. Assuming Mrazek is not healthy yet, Wall is expected to appear in the game against the Winnipeg Jets on December 5.

Alex Hobson is a third-year student majoring in broadcasting at Niagara College. He has been writing articles about sports since 2005 and has been working at The Hockey Writers since October 2020. Toronto Maple Leafs, World youth,as well as NHL Entry Draft, And is also part of Sticks in the 6ix Podcast provided by THW. He also appears weekly at THW’s Maple Leaf Lounge round table meetings.For interview requests or any other inquiries, you can follow the social media pages listed at the bottom of Alex’s article Like this.

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