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WNBA: Subbold is back with a storm! The moment you put on breakT!

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SUE BIRD is back

The last time Sue Bird played in the WNBA, she gave a postgame interview and swapped jerseys with Diana Taurasi after the Seattle Storm lost Phoenix Mercury against Taurasi in the second round of the playoffs.

We think that game at Angel Wings Arena in Everett, Wash., might be her last in the league, and she’s been one of her voices.

However, it was revealed Friday that Bird was return For the 2022 season, she will compete in the WNBA and The Storm, which will be her 19th season.She is the player with the most assists and games in WNBA history and has shooting Reach 1000 3-pointers. She and the Storm have won two titles in the past four seasons and will be contenders again this year.

Great news to celebrate the return of the absolute fan favorite!

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