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WNBA/NCAAW: Triple Threat Podcast Talks Hammon, Bueckers and Parker

swish appeal It’s an honor to present the Triple Threat Podcast as a show on our website for the first time. Bonnet Gang has been podcasting for a while, but now it’s here SB country.

In the first episode, the gang discussed four major topics related to women’s basketball, starting with WNBA legend Becky Hammon’s lack of fair shake when interviewing for the NBA head coaching position this past offseason. Staff wondered why Chauncey Billups (probably an equally successful professional basketball player but lacking the coaching experience Harmon gained as a trusted San Antonio Spurs assistant for 8 years) was selected as the Portland Trail Blazers As the leader of the NBA team, Harmon did not serve as an NBA head coach. When it comes to women mentoring men and men mentoring women, you don’t want to miss their inconsistencies tearing apart sexism.

Hammon’s turn to the WNBA for a job raises the question of whether South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley will leave Columbia for a WNBA gig. Find out what these three have to say about it, and whether it’s a question season for the Gamecocks to be a winner or a loser.

Attention shifted to UConn, who discussed whether it should return this season given Paige Books’ serious injury, fractured anterior tibial plateau and torn lateral meniscus. They then ended the women’s basketball discussion by thinking about why the media didn’t ask Candice Parker about her marriage long ago, when she wore the ring and posted lots of pictures of her and the woman we now know is her wife. Instagram.

As with previous Triple Threat Pods, the conversation isn’t limited to women’s basketball, but also discusses the NBA, other sports, and pop culture. Before getting into women’s basketball, the episode first talks about Stephen Curry breaking the NBA all-time three-pointer record. After that, the crew ultimately decided not to trade Russell Westbrook, but still came up with some crazy scenarios.

Hear all this and more talk about NBA trades, thoughts on Deion Sanders and Jackson State bringing in No. 1 college football recruit Travis Hunter, and thoughts on firing Urban Meyer from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You can listen to the full episode below:

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