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WNBA: Jonquel Jones and Curt Miller are unanimous picks in the SA roundtable

The 2021 WNBA season started with some exciting buzzers, and the excitement continued during the successful campaign during COVID. The Connecticut Suns are the best team in the regular season. There are four people competing for the main awards: Briona Jones (most improved player), Brian James (defensive player of the year), Curt Miller (Coach of the Year) and Jon Quill Jones (MVP).Do you have Glamorous Did the staff choose them or did they spread the love to other teams? Please read it carefully to find out the answer.

Rookie of the Year

Zach Ward: Michaela OnionFor rookies, this has been a sluggish year, but Onyenwere and Aari McDonald have been easily ahead of others, including Charli Collier, DiJonai Carrington and Arella Guirantes. Onyen had the best stats and completed four games with a New York Liberty team, better than McDonald’s Atlanta Dream team. She participated in every game, including 29 starts, averaging 22.5 minutes per game. She started to be hot from outside the three-point line, which made a statement after her three-point shooting rate was questioned in college. She did calm down from the outside, but the athletic ability, strength, and perseverance that allowed her to achieve outstanding results at UCLA have transformed her into fulfilling her potential.

Cat Ariel: Michaela Onion. By default, Michaela Onyen wins. This is not a shame for Onyenwere, she instantly looks like a “character star” in the future, and she should enjoy a long career at W. Not only did she have the highest average playing time and scoring among rookies, but she also had the best single game-29 points in late May. However, other potential ROYs just didn’t play enough. If Aari McDonald had played for Dream since the first game of the season, she could have made this game more interesting. Some of the flashes shown by Dana Evans showed that if she landed in different situations, she could also make some sounds. Instead, Onyenwere deservedly added the ROY trophy to her rookie trophy collection of the month.

Eric Nemjok: Michaela OnionThis will be overwhelming, although I think McDonald’s has a case based on production per minute (her time on the court has a greater defensive impact than Onyen, and brings added value to her teammates, okay), this level None of the other players can touch Onyenwere’s statistics. From day one, she has been a starter in New York and the only rookie in 2021 to play a stable and meaningful role for their respective teams throughout the season. If you want, you can blame the poor performance of the 2021 draft class; in the final analysis, Onyenwere is the rookie of the year, and it will not come close.

The most improved player

Zach: Crystal BradfordShe averaged only 2.7 points per game in her rookie season in 2015, and it was not until this season that she averaged 8.8 points and was a key contributor to the Atlanta dream to return to the WNBA. Her rebound (+2.5), distribution (+0.8) and stocks (+1.1) also rose. I classify this as a second-year jump, not a rookie performance, because she did play for a season six years ago. There are many other outstanding candidates this year, such as Sami Whitcomb, Brionna Jones, Rebecca Allen, Nia Coffey, Marina Mabrey and Kelsey Plum. In addition, Te’a Cooper showed some substantial improvement in the second grade.

cat: Briona Jones. It’s Brie Jones. Although she enjoys more opportunities, her progress is not just a product of opportunity. Her numbers—whether it’s per game, every 36 minutes, or every 100 offenses—have risen across the board. In addition, her quality improvement is more significant than her quantitative improvement. In the first few seasons, Jones was an “excellent” and reliable enough rotation player. This season, she is a trusted key contributor. You should feel confident now when Brie Jones is on the court; this has not always been the case in the past few seasons. This shows her progress.

Eric: Kelsey PlumEven if you don’t think that Plum recovered the entire season of last season due to an Achilles tendon injury, she is doing something she hasn’t done at the WNBA level before. Per 100 possessions, Club broke her previous scoring data while maintaining her status as an organizational threat, and eventually became the best of both worlds guards that the San Antonio Stars envisioned when she was drafted in 2017. The criteria for this award is vaguely the best, but I think Plum has the best all-round case, considering the number, efficiency and role of her respective teams.

Sixth woman of the year

Zach: Kelsey Plum. I will give her an advantage over Mabrey and Dearica Hamby. She had two 30-point games this season and ended the game with seven consecutive games in double digits. At a press conference after Plum’s 30-point effort on September 13, Aces head coach Bill Laimbeer stated that Plum wants to start this season, but she has accepted her role and completed her job. As mentioned above, in my opinion, she is also running for the most improved player, and we still don’t know how big her star status is. She is the NCAAW I-level historical scoring champion, was the first overall pick, and may become a superstar.

cat: Kelsey Plum. The 6th Women of the Year Award should stay in Sin City. Although the back-to-back 6WOY Dearica Hamby has enough reasons to win her third trophy, her teammate Kelsey Plum should help her win the award. Compared with Hamby, Hamby is an all-around, two-way disruptor, making her a super substitute for the league, and Plum almost perfectly implements the more typical 6WOY model-an explosive substitute layup. The clubs injected a swaggering offensive aggression into Aces, frequently swinging the sluggish game momentum towards Vegas. In the last part of the season, when Aces missed several games with Hamby and/or Liz Cambage, she completed her case. In six games in September, Plum averaged 21.7 points, shot nearly 50% from the field, and over 40% from three-pointers.

Eric: Kelsey PlumShe may not be the fastest-improved candidate, but Meihua is a very reliable choice for the sixth woman of the year. She is one of the best organizers in the WNBA. When Aces rests several starters at the same time, they can still thrive. This fact shows her ability to manage the team. You won’t find Plum’s scoring and assist data in any other reserve team in the league, which is a clear case for this award.

Defensive Player of the Year

Zach: Silvia FallsBrittney Sykes and Briann January performed very well, but, as I said in the middle of the season, apart from the reasonable defense she provided, it’s hard to ignore Fowles’ stock data, which did not appear on the data sheet. . So, if it is my choice, Fowles will win her fourth DPOY award, the first time it was ten years ago.

cat: Silvia FallsIn her 14th WNBA season, Sylvia Fowles deserves her fourth Defensive Player of the Year award, which will enable her to surpass Tamika Catchings and Tamika Catchings for the second time in her history. Her five DPOY trophies. Although the WNBA has many excellent perimeter defenders — Zach mentioned two of them above — the best team in the WNBA is the best team because their big men play a role, which improves the fortune. The value of les. Not only does she patrol the paint, but even though she will soon be 36 years old, she can skate and control most outside players. And, it’s not that she needs them, it’s hard not to give her incredible longevity extra points.

Eric: Silvia FallsShe may still be the best rim protector in the league, and her fingerprints are once again all over Minnesota’s success: Falls on the floor, The Bobcats got 74.6% of available defensive rebounds (Foles’ own defensive rebound rate ranks second in the WNBA, every Basketball reference) And allow the free throw rate to be only 0.214. As Zach said, Fowles is also the only big man in the top ten in the WNBA. Theft rate (Three percent); For a player of her size, this is an amazing feat, and it can also reflect her basketball IQ on the defensive end.

Coach of the Year

Zach: Kurt Miller. I don’t want to be disrespectful here and say that Miller leads a team that no one expected to become the No. 1 seed, because his talent is also commendable. But even with such talent, it is difficult to recover from the blowout loss of the mid-season championship and remain undefeated after the Olympics. During that time, the Suns won by an average of 15.8 points. Miller allowed his team to regroup. At the time, there were rumors that they could not become real competitors and that they were winning easily, not just winning. This fact proved the good chemistry that Miller cultivated. The sun believed in himself and had a great time. Miller is commendable in this regard.

cat: Kurt MillerThe Coach of the Year Award is traditionally awarded to the team’s head coach who exceeds expectations the most. This year is no exception, because Curt Miller should win his second COY award.Many women’s basketball world, including us here Swish appealed, Sadly underestimated the sun. Although the favorites of MIP and MVP, as well as their experienced veterans, undoubtedly promoted their excellence, but Miller is commendable for how he maximizes the role of his personnel. In the absence of Alyssa Thomas, Miller transformed the Suns from a transitional game-dependent offense to a deliberate half-court offense.

Eric: Kurt MillerYes, the Suns exceeded their preseason expectations (again!), but their performance left a deep impression on me. Miller subverted the identity of the team, chose a double center lineup, and relied on the player’s advantages (especially defense and rebounding) to overcome the loss of the single fast break Alyssa Thomas (Alyssa Thomas). Of course, the plan is undoubtedly a success: The Sun Lead the WNBA In terms of defensive efficiency (91.7 points per 100 possessions allowed), although a large part of this can be attributed to the fact that the team is equipped with a large number of defensive players, Miller’s tactics performed well in the overall discipline of Connecticut as a whole.


Zach: Jonker JonesShe has the data (when assists are multiplied by 1.5, she is only 0.6 points behind Tina Charles in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game), and leads the league in the best on the court and in the locker room. Team. After the Commissioners Cup Championship, she brought the Suns to a higher standard, and we saw the results.Jones is our 6th Player ranking Entering the season, but we know that she has all the conditions to be the number one in the world. Now we can respect her name, as she asked us to do on All-Star Weekend.

cat: Jonker Jones. Once again, I can’t disagree with Zach. Usually, the MVP formula is the best player on the best team. This season, there is no reason to deviate. Although Tina Charles has excellent data, defending MVP A’ja Wilson is a stable force, and Brittney Griner has created a fantastic season, but this year’s MVP award should belong to Jonquel Jones. Her absence illustrates her importance most simply. Without Jones, the Suns are 2-3; with her, they are 24-3. Her 20.0 net rating and 22.1 Player Impact Assessment (PIE) are among the best in the league, while she ranks second with a player efficiency rating (PER) of 28.28.

Eric: Jonker Jones. Is this just another case of awarding the MVP honor to the best player on the best team? maybe.But it’s hard to refute Jones’ statistics: She provided a true shooting percentage of 61.4% on the basis of the highest usage rate of her career (26.3%), and at the same time dominated the rebounding again (22.3% of total rebounds per game). Basketball reference). Counting the line-to-line success of her team into these numbers, this is Jones’ well-deserved MVP award.

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