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WNBA/FIBA: Mystic Erica McCall releases “Aerial View” podcast

Washington Mystery forward Erica McCall will repost her podcast “Aerial View” on Apple, Spotify and YouTube at 9 AM on Tuesday to introduce female basketball fans to the lives of overseas players. McCall’s sister, Connecticut Suns superstar Devana Bonner and Stephanie Marvenga’s other WNBA players are two guests who will appear in the nine-episode season. The first episode will feature McCall’s mystery. Featured by teammate Sydney Weiss.

The following is a preview of the interview with Wiese:

McCall is the star of Stanford University’s 2017 semi-finals. In addition to her time in the WNBA, she also played for KSC Szekszard in Hungary. She will also talk about being a professional athlete’s mother, handling interpersonal relationships on and off the court, rookies Experience, college experience and general pop culture views in the show are part of the DC Crossover podcast network.

“I want people to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of overseas life,” McCall said of the purpose of the podcast. “I think many people think that all of this is related to basketball, and it’s much more than that. This is a brand new journey that we as athletes must go through every season. New languages, food, culture, etc. Everyone will be different. Story, but in general, we are all basketball players adapting to the new world.”

She added that her “overseas experience is just a blessing”, “I played in Hungary for four years, and I think my time there really allows me to showcase many aspects of my overseas experience. When playing in Hungary , I have experienced many ups and downs, surprises and disappointments, as well as energetic and fatigued times. I’m sharing real stories that most people don’t have the chance to hear. This podcast will fully show the feeling of playing overseas. I can’t wait to share Other people share.”

Bonner is of course a legend in the WNBA. She was selected to the first team of the WNBA in 2015, and in the process of entering the second team last year, she ranked third in the league in scoring. She is also the sixth woman of the year 3 times, 1 time selected to the All-Defensive Team and 4 All-Stars, including the final No. 1 seed Sun appeared in this year’s All-Star Game. Looking forward to continuing their championship battle in the semi-final series starting next Tuesday. As a member of the Phoenix Mercury team, Bonner has won two championships.

“When I decided to create this podcast, I knew immediately that my sister had to be a guest!” McCall said. “Whether in the United States or overseas, she has been very successful in any team she played for. She is one of the greatest stars in basketball today, and of course my greatest role model, so I didn’t hesitate to let her play. One episode. She inspired me on and off the stadium, especially her role as a mother. After she gave birth to twins, the fact that her statistics have been improving is untrue to me. Really super hero.”

McCall is also very happy to introduce Marwenga, he is the first Zimbabwe-born player to be selected into the WNBA.

“Stephanie is a good friend I have known for many years, she is full of fun and adventurous spirit,” McCall said. “She was also affected by her overseas experience in a field other than basketball. Most of the content of this episode will focus on this particular talent and how to expand the way she uses this skill overseas. Overall Said that Stephen will tell her wonderful story overseas. This is definitely an interesting episode.”

Check out the podcast!

“Aerial view” sign.
Photo courtesy of Erica McCall via Instagram.

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