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With insight into Araujo’s impending absence provides Barcelona’s impetus

Insights into Ronald Araujo's impending absence provide Barcelona's impetusInsights into Ronald Araujo's impending absence provide Barcelona's impetus

On Thursday night, the Spanish giants FC Barcelona received some completely timely positive news on personnel matters.

Jutgla completes the twist

Xavi Hernandez’s men resumed operations 24 hours ago.

After managing to survive the Covid-19 crisis and finally appearing on the right side of Mallorca with a score of 1-0 at the weekend, Blaugrana headed to Andalusia this time to play the Copa del Rey with the small fish Linares Deportivo.

And, when everything was done on Wednesday, Barcelona managed to finish the job again.

During the tense 90 minutes, Linares actually took the lead in the game and finally saw that the visiting team was enough to reverse the situation and win 2-1.

Shortly after an hour, Ousmane Dembele levelled things out, and five minutes later, the increasingly prominent Ferran Jutgla played to maintain Barcelona’s cup hopes.

Aruajo latest

However, the Catalan heavyweight also received some blows during an other positive night at Barcelona on Wednesday.

This is in terms of personnel. Before the start of the second half, key defender Ronald Araujo failed to get out of the tunnel because it was later discovered to be a wrist problem.

Conversely, speculation is spreading rapidly, and some people believe that Araujo may be out for a month after a wrist fracture.

However, this concern has been shelved.

According to a report by Jordi Grau of the reliable Cat Radio, “If all goes well” in the operating room on Friday morning, Araujo may be on the sidelines for a ten-day break.

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