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Winnipeg Jets will benefit from refocused Du Bois

The Winnipeg Jets’ offensive lineup for the 2021-22 season is full of talent, courage and countless scoring options.A key factor in this team’s offensive success is directly related to the expected recovery. Pierre-Luc DuboisThe 6-foot-2, 205-pound left winger is about to end a generally disappointing season, and his total offense is significantly lower than his pre-trade data in Columbus.Jets winger before the deal Patrick LaneDu Bois was highly touted when he came to the team and became the next pick (third overall) in the 2016 NHL draft following Ryan.In the three seasons of the Blue Jackets, he was the biggest contributor to their offense, ranked in the top three in his first two seasons, and The team’s leading scorer in the 2019-20 season, His last full season with the Blue Jackets.

Pierre-Luc Du Bois of the Columbus Blue Jackets scored on Carolina Hurricanes goalkeeper James Leimer (AP Photo/Carl B. De Black)

As most Jets fans can tell you, Du Bois is worth a lot, and all signs from management indicate that he will fully fill the vacancy. Last season did not fully develop like this. He performed well one night, and then made no sense in the next three games. He rotates in the lineup and mixes in various combinations to find a place for him to flourish. Consistency was never really established, and by the end of the year his total score-the benchmark for everyone except the coaching staff-was much lower than all his previous NHL campaigns.

Du Bois’ extra-ice problem

In the season exit interview after the Jets lost to him in the playoffs Montreal CanadiensDu Bois was the first to admit that he had a disappointing season. But the interesting thing is: if you look at that interview, he never mentioned any physical things that disappointed him. He never said that we were not strong enough, fast enough, or smart enough. There is no such thing-all this is to restore his confidence, and every reason he gives for failing to play has nothing to do with the physical game. All this has to do with external influences during a year of emotional difficulties. The thing we forget about players is that they are also merchants selling their skills, and the business world can sometimes become ugly.

When it comes to trading, he never said Why he wants to leave columbusHe did not need to do this, it was not our business, but he was publicly criticized in Columbus for this.Then he came to Winnipeg, had to isolate for two weeks before meeting with his teammates in person, and once in the lineup, he often moved in the offensive plan because the head coach Paul Maurice was Trying to find a suitable person for him.

Pierre Luc Dubois Winnipeg Jets
Pierre-Luc Dubois (Pierre-Luc Dubois) is expected to rebound this season and contribute more data to the Jets’ offense. (Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

This is my opinion. As human beings, we thrive in a stable environment. Stability gives us the structure of life that makes us feel in control. Whether you are a child or an adult, instability can be disturbing, disturbing, and appear in a way that you cannot understand the external world. Du Bois undoubtedly had a difficult year, but he did not talk about what happened on the ice. What happened on the ice was the result of his difficult year. Ironically, despite his lower-than-expected scoring, the Jets still achieved success. This is how balanced the jet is in front. Because, in his own words, last year was the worst year of his career. With the opportunity to re-adjust, his level of performance can only rise. This in turn made his teammates better, and as a result, you guessed it…more victories.

Young people (remember he is only 22 years old) can play!He has proposed Real numbers for each level He played. Before falling out with that club, he was the No. 1 center of the Blue Jackets. Brandon Dubinsky is full of praise for Dubois‘Physical fitness and ability, compare him with Jamie Ben and Ryan Gezlav and others. (From “The skills of Pierre-Luc Du Bois, the size is reminiscent of high-quality veterans”, Columbus Express, November 5, 2018)

Looking ahead to this season

The Jets got a good player from the bad situation in Ohio, and definitely did bring real value to Ryan, he will not re-sign with Winnipeg anyway. Now that he has spent the summer to cheer up and know exactly what will happen in front of him in a stable environment with the Jets, and has placed Columbus in his rearview mirror, then Du Boyi Sis will have a real rebound season to return to the level of 2019 he previously showed. He has the skills, power, and teammates to make this happen. Once he and his teammates unite in a complete training camp and preseason, you will not only see Du Bois’ progress, but also a stronger Winnipeg offense overall.

The Jets will win more games this season and surprise some so-called experts, thanks in large part to the results of their big deal with Columbus last January. Expect Du Bois to regain his glory on the ice and return to above 60 points in his first full season with the Jets.

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