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Will a head-to-head confrontation with Bryson DeChambeau wake up Brooks Koepka’s downturn?

His resume is full of achievements of Grand Slam champions, Brooks Koepka As we all know, the regular tournament is not a priority for him.

So, after a long year, with several missed cuts, Koepka’s injury struggle seemed to be no big deal, even though he was making a game for TV. Bryson DeChambeau Friday is imminent.

Again, a few weeks ago, Koepka played in Houston, in the dark, under the lights, trying to solve the problems in this disturbing game for most of three months.

Koepka said: “I have been playing badly, so I just want to find a way from this matter and figure it out. I hope we can get out of the predicament as soon as possible.”

Koepka said that at the World Technical Championship held in Mayakoba, he missed the promotion by 4 shots. A week later in Houston, he missed the promotion again, this time by 3.

DeChambeau did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the missed editing in Koepka, to hype the “match”. Their months of feud This resulted in a 12-hole game made for television (Friday, 4pm EST, TNT).

Since being tied for sixth at the British Open in July, Koepka has participated in eight races and tied for 22nd in the BMW Championship. In the third round of the Tour Championship, he injured his wrist when he hit the root of a tree, causing him to withdraw from the game. In short, this also put the Ryder Cup into question. He ended up playing four games and leading 2-2.

In addition to Sunday’s singles victory in the Whistler Channel An overwhelming American victory In Europe, Koepka is nothing to be excited about.

However, he participated in three majors and won his first game in more than a year at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in February.

Subsequently, he was tied for second place in the WGC-Workday Championship, and when he suffered a weird accident at home in March and injured his right knee, he seemed inclined to become a strong Masters-he was in the whole All left knee problems are being dealt with in 2019, and 2020-leads to procedures.

He underwent surgery on March 16 to treat knee dislocation and ligament injury. He said the injury occurred while in Florida with his family. Koepka said he slipped and needed to put his knee back in place.

Somehow, Koepka returned to the Masters, where he was clearly stuck and missed the promotion.A week before the PGA, he also missed the promotion of the Byron Nelson Championship, but he managed to get himself into the majors and became the final pair with the final winner. Phil Mickelson.

In all this, Koepka downplayed these issues. He successfully played such a strong game, including the PGA tied for second, the U.S. Open tied for fourth, the Travellers Championship tied for fifth, and ranked No. in the Open. six.

But for the next three months, it was just a struggle.

“I’m healthy now, so I can practice and do everything I want to do. I have been honing, man,” he said. “You will go through periods where you feel you can’t control or you don’t know where your swing is and what you are doing. It’s just frustrating.

“I don’t think I played as bad as I said, but stability doesn’t exist, and some shots don’t exist. I think it’s not what I’m used to seeing, so let’s say it. It’s very difficult-I mean, I was injured for two years. I had surgery on my right knee. The left knee is much better now, but it was not good for a while. You start to make compensation.

“When my knee bends slightly, I still don’t know how far it bends. If everyone has had an operation, you still don’t know where you are, and you might hesitate.”

Koepka doesn’t plan to participate in this event in Mexico, “but I won’t get better sitting at home,” he said. “Sometimes you will find something, when you hit a golf ball on the 17th hole, you have a feeling. You never know, you can spend a good year, many months. Maybe it’s just because of that time. Swing.”

Obviously, Koepka is still looking for that swing in Houston.

This does not mean that the eight-time PGA Tour champion-who has the same number of wins as De Chambeau-will not be up to Friday’s task.

Considering who his opponent is and the relative amount of hostility accumulated throughout the year-despite their Ryder Cup truce-you can bet that the four-time Grand Slam champion has almost the same attitude towards 12 holes.


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