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Why the FA Cup keeps its magic

Football’s storied cup competition, the FA Cup, will once again have men, women and children lined up on these shores this weekend for the next chapter in its 150-year history. 

For a football fan through and through, it’s like spinach to Popeye. Or provide oxygen for deep-sea divers. 

Its noise and colour are unfathomable to many, but it continues to bring the biggest days to the smallest clubs. 

If, as many say, the magic of the FA Cup is gone, its spark is fading, or its pursuit is no longer a priority for elites, then this great game needs not only to go from A to Z – it Really lost my way. 

While the dust has settled on the festive festivities, the start of the new year means one thing; the much-anticipated third round weekend of the FA Cup in the UAE is upon us. 

The oldest, most storied and most legendary cup in world football is full of dramatic moments. 

From Roberto Di Matteo’s lightning-fast start in 1997, to the Michael Irving final in 2001 and Roy Esando’s late performance, to the scream of Ray Parlour in 2002, By Steven Gerrard’s comeback to the Rockets in 2006, these footballing moments ensured that thousands were caught up in FA Cup history and intrigue. 

Players of all ages and abilities may think that their chances of getting box office in gym-like stadiums, under floodlights, on terrestrial television, are gone. But no, cue high winds, downpours, port huts, muddy, undulating pitches, all hosted by the stronghold of football’s most devoted and passionate servants. 

It’s pretty much a level playing field where everyone has the same opportunity. Binmen is a household name, with international players talking tactics on the garden fence; hopes dashed, dreams come true. 

Roy Essandoh’s goal for Wycombe falls short in FA Cup folklore

Guardiola’s omnipotent, record-breaking juggernaut this weekend Manchester City enter Swindon Town, who themselves were a Premier League team some 27 years ago. 

With a cinematic set of Friday night lights at the County Stadium, Swindon manager Ben Garner’s coaching philosophy centres on intelligence, technique and the tactical elements of the game as he works through agency to connect with the best of the modern era – melon Diola. In what other industries does this fascinating mismatch manifest itself? 

Ghana’s side, fifth in the second league after well-documented financial troubles brought the club to the brink of bankruptcy, are now looking up, not down, but against the defending champions of England and European runners-up. 

And that’s just one yarn in the mug’s rich tapestry. 

Take non-league Chesterfield, who will load 6,000 fans and head to the nation’s capital, Against European Football Champions – Chelsea. They do this with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The CHE v CHE scoreboard should take note of this. 

Weary legs are a buzzword in Derbyshire market towns. Brighton, Liverpool, Tottenham, then the mighty Spireites, the Nations League leaders, all in a week and a half… 

Kidderminster’s excitement is palpable after a difficult few years, with the lowest-ranked club in the competition currently fifth in the Nations League, taking on Championship side Reading. With 78 places currently separating the two sides, it will be a fascinating contest at sold-out Aggborough.

Shrewsbury to Anfield Fortress Against a COVID-battered Liverpool team, that’s also minus the box-office African duo of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Chance? A silver lining? 

Steve Cotterill will take his seat in the visiting dugout, just last year he was life-and-death due to the virus and is still battling its lingering effects. 

Stephen Robinson, who is in charge of Morecambe, is currently 19th in the league and will face The prospect of choosing one side against Antonio Conte’s Premier League heavyweight Tottenham is daunting – and his former employer. 

Just 12 months ago, Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur made a substitution under a sparkle in Marin FC’s makeshift away dressing room, with 161 places and 161 between the two. Seven floors.  

Task? Almost insurmountable! However, their stoic performance in the 5-0 defeat was the subject of admiration. A rare sports meeting with two winners. 

So while only one club could lift the trophy, all the contestants were lifted by the idea. While everything has evolved around the FA Cup, its philosophy – conceived 150 years ago – remains a constant in modern football. 

Champagne, tickers and fireworks greeted 2021 eventual winners Leicester City, as Thai businessman-turned-chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha completed a string of domestic trophies – but more importantly, fulfilling his late father’s dream. another chapter. 

That’s it. Hereford in 1972. Wimbledon in 1988. Wrexham in 1992. Bradford in 2015. Wigan in 2013. Football Day captures the fans’ respective life events like limpets. 

So even if the big clubs do see this as a brief pause in more pressing matters at the top and bottom of the Premier League, there will always be magic. 

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