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Which team does Ben Kingsley support?Shangzhi and the ten ring legendary male star’s loyalty to football

If you find a subtle mention of a Premier League team in Shangqi, here is what you need to know about its backstory and more

Sharp-eyed football fans may have noticed the scarf of a certain club in “Shangqi” and “Legend of Ten Rings”, the latest work of the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie has an all-star lineup of Tony Leung, Simu Liu and Okafina, and also references the very subtle role of Sir Ben Kingsley in the Premier League club-and Target There is what you need to know.

Spoilers on Shangqi and the legend of the Ten Rings!

Why is Ben Kingsley angry?

Kingsley replayed the role of Trevor Slattery in the latest MCU blockbuster.

Slattery is an actor born in Liverpool who first appeared in Iron Man 3. The character was hired to play the main villain of the movie, the Mandarin. As a puppet of the think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), Mandarin was used in promotional videos as a means to hide AIM’s more violent and illegal extreme experiments.

Slattery didn’t know that his role led to the geopolitical conflict caused by AIM, he was just doing his job as a hired actor. After capturing the real villain Kilian, he was arrested by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), then kidnapped by Shihuan, and used as the court jester for the leader Xu Wenwu.

Shangzhi met Slattery after being imprisoned by his father and met the actor in their prison room. Shang defeated Slatri and took him on a journey to the mysterious dimensional tarot.

Which team does Ben Kingsley support? What is Liverpool’s reference to being upbeat?

Slattery, played by Kingsley, took out one on the journey to Tarot Liverpool A scarf held tightly for my dear life. The passage to Ta Lo proved to be dangerous, and as the car moved, the character was almost “eaten” by the forest that contained the road to the kingdom. So, in a panic situation, Slattery clutched his Liverpool scarf-the team’s red is clearly visible-perhaps for comfort.

Although Kingsley himself was not from Liverpool, he grew up in Yorkshire, but Slattery’s role was specifically written as a Liverpool native. Kingsley has a slight Scors accent in his portrayal of Slattery and mentions growing up in Liverpool-and therefore connected to the Merseyside club.

It can be considered that Kingsley’s own loyalty to football inspired Slattery’s football loyalty, but little is known about the actor’s choice in the football team. However, he did serve as the commentator for the Amazon Prime documentary “All or Nothing: Manchester City”-which may mean that he has some interest in the sport.

Later in the film, after successfully arriving at Ta Lo, you can see Slattery teaching children in the village to play football, you can also hear him teach them offside rules, and proudly put his Liverpool scarf on his shoulders.

Other Liverpool references in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since the Marvel franchise is an American entity, there are not many allusions to this exquisite game, but there are still some allusions.

Kingsley’s support for Liverpool in Shangqi is not the first time it has been mentioned in the MCU.

When confronting Slattery in Iron Man 3, the character can be seen watching Liverpool’s game on TV-to be precise, Liverpool against Chelsea, and celebrating the goal.

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