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When Shreyas Iyer made his debut in the Kanpur test, Twitter broke out

on Friday, Shireas Ayre He became the 15th Indian batsman in history to score a century in the first game of cricket, and his name is recorded in history. He also became the third Indian to play against New Zealand in the first Test.

Iyer reached the milestone against Black Caps Day 2 of the first test at Kanpur Green ParkOn the first ball of the 92nd inning in the first game of India, the Mumbai card batsman gently patted the ball behind the point to complete his 100 balls in a couple. Nevertheless, in the 97th game, Iyer was caught 105 times by Will Young. He scored 13 four-pointers and several six-pointers.

India’s debut test (in home test):

  • 118 – Lala Amarnath, 1933
  • 110 – Deepak Shodhan, 1952
  • 100* – AG Kripal Singh, 1955
  • 105 – Hanumant Singh, 1964
  • 137 – Gundappa Vishwanath, 1969
  • 110 – Mohamed Azaluddin, 1985
  • 187 – Shikhar Dhawan, 2013
  • 177 – Rohit Sharma, 2013
  • 134 -Prithvi Shaw, 2018
  • 105 – Shreyas Iyer, 2021

Here is Twitter’s response:

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