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Weekly NHL Review (November 20th Edition): Who stands out?

Another week passed, another group of outstanding figures in the NHL. Whether it’s a veteran, a rookie who shows some strength, or a goalkeeper who gives you value in the lineup, this is another interesting week in the fantasy hockey world.

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Another week passed, another group of outstanding figures in the NHL. Whether it’s a veteran, a rookie who shows some strength, or a goalkeeper who gives you value in the lineup, this is another interesting week in the fantasy hockey world.


Darcy Kuemper, Colorado Avalanche

In a 7-3 victory over Kraken on Friday, Kuemper is now 4-1-0, with a Sv% of 0.929 in November, and has not allowed more than three goals since October 19. Avs’s gamble on Kuemper looks like a very bad initial investment. The only silver lining is that Philipp Grubauer is also fighting Kraken, but it looks like the goalkeeper conversion is now paying off for Avs. This is the second consecutive season for Kuemper to have a slow start, but the past two seasons have also been affected by various postponements and cancellations of COVID-19. Kuemper may have just returned to his best form; remember, in the past five seasons, Kuemper’s 0.921 Sv% tied for fourth in the league among goalkeepers who have played at least 50 times.

The Oddsmakers did not give up Avs as a cup favorite even when they were struggling. They were absolutely right to avoid subconscious reactions. Having played two games with the division leader Wild, Avs is now tied with Preds as the two most popular teams in the central region, and is only five points behind the top. They did this without Nathan MacKinnon, which means that the fantasy manager’s opportunity to acquire Kuemper at a relatively cheap price may have missed their opportunity.

Jack Ottinger, Dallas Star

As Braden Holtby was excluded from Saturday’s game and Anton Khudobin was pulled down in his last game-even if Otin It took only six minutes for Grid to breathe a sigh of relief-looking forward to Ottinger’s second start of the season against the Blues at home.Rick Bowness Strange decision Because he lost the game 7-2 in the lineup against Wild, but returning to Oettinger should be effortless.

Holtby has not set a return date, but Oettinger’s other strong performance may force the star to change trajectory. The original plan was the Khudobin-Holtby series, Ben Bishop had a chance to recover. This was the original plan, but the former Cup finalists are 6-7-2 record and many places need to make up. This is the worst nightmare of fantasy managers, especially those who manage to put Khudobin and Holtby on the roster, hoping that they can benefit from a team with a very good defense. Oettinger deserves a fantastic collection just in case he reverses the season of the star team, but please note that since they can’t score, Oettinger needs more than just a good performance to win the game.

Stewart Skinner, Edmonton Oilers

Mike Smith moved to LTIR, and Miko Koskinen has scored 16 goals in the past four games. He won three victories only because of his excellent offense. On the other hand, Skinner performed well in two of his three starts. Despite being marked as losing, he made 35 saves in Detroit and then made 46 saves in the home game against the Jets. (!).

The Oilers lead the Ducks and Flames by one point in the Pacific and are likely to win their first division championship since 1987. Now Skinner may give them the best chance to do this, and he still has at least a few weeks to prove his worth. Smith has missed 13 games, so being placed on LTIR will not affect his recovery schedule, but it did help the Oilers save some cap space. Playing behind the best offense in the league, Skinner is a worthy fantasy.

Verjuso, St. Louis Blues

Husso was a barely passable substitute last season, with a Sv% of 0.893, which forced the Blues to continue playing Jordan Binnington even with his poor performance. This is not the case this season, because Husso has performed very well so far. He scored 60 of 61 shots with a score of 2-0-0. As a result of COVID-19, he had a gap of almost a month between the two games, and Binnington led 1-3-2 with 0.897 Sv% and 3.13 GAA in November, which opened up more starting opportunities for Husso . He will definitely start in back-to-back matches from November 26 to 27, after which the Blues will play seven games in 13 days. The sample size is small. Even if Binnington does not play well, the Blues stubbornly insist on using him, but Hu Suo is a sneaky fantasy hider and a rising star for a good team.

Other goalkeepers we follow: Scott Wedgewood, Coyotes; Dan Vladal, “Fire”; Mark-Andre Fleury, Blackhawks; Jonathan Quick, Kings; Cayden Primeau, Canadians; McCann Zebrakwood, the devil; Filip Gustavsson, senator; Ilya Samsonov, the capital


Seth Jarvis, C/RW, Carolina Hurricane

This is a very difficult rookie class, but if Jarvis maintains this state, he will participate in Calder’s conversation. The No. 1 pick in 2020 has scored a goal consecutively with the 13th overall pick. After averaging less than 10 minutes per game in the first two games, he now averages 16 minutes and 36 seconds per game in three games, ranking sixth among Carnes forwards. First Captain Jordan Starr.

Together with Sebastian Aho and the most underrated elite striker Andrei Svechnikov (Andrei Svechnikov), he blocked Teuvo Teravainen’s position on the top line and also played against the top line. Two powerful players recorded playing time together. Fun fact: Jarvis is Canes’ 5 vs. 5 leader: Corsi%, Fenwick%, Corsi/60, Fenwick/60, xGF/60, high-risk shooting attempts/60 and offensive zone start percentage, according to It’s as if Canes recognizes a very talented scorer and hopes to ensure his success by playing with other talented scorers-this is an interesting strategy, maybe other teams want to try this?

Cole Caufield, RW, Montreal Canadiens

Caulfield has been one of the most disappointing fantasy players of the season. He is a talented finisher, and many people expect him to win Calder, who will eventually be sent to a minor.His calling Raise some eyebrows Because Caulfield only scored two goals in the six games of the veteran Laval Rocket Club, and he finally scored only one goal, and the score against the Pens was negative 3. With so many other outstanding rookies, and considering that the Canadians are unlikely to be the bottom five team this season and facing a gloomy future (will Mark Bergervin come back?), it is time to consider taking the exam. Field’s 2021-22 fantasy season may be over.

Other rookies we follow (less than 50% of the Yahoo league): Trevor Zegras, C and Jamie Drysdale, D, Ducks; Alex Newhook, C, Avalanche; Cole Sillinger, C and Yegor Chinkahov, RW, Blue Jackets; Anton Lun Del, C, Panthers; Tanner Jeannot, LW/RW, Predator; Dawson Mercer, C, Devil; Scott Perunovich, D, Blues


Robert Thomas, C/RW, St. Louis Blues

Jordan Kyrou’s trend is full, but Thomas still has enough room.This fourth-year professional scores at the rate of scoring per game, I don’t think so any Coincidentally, his TOI per game is also 19:05, an increase of nearly 50% from 13:36 last season. finally, I say. As the 20th overall pick in the 2017 draft, Thomas’ development has slowed down due to injuries and the veteran lineup and depth of the Blues. It is difficult for him to get into the top six, and even if he does make it through, he is too unstable and is often a little shy when shooting the ball.

This season, he has shot more shots. After playing with Mike Hoffman for most of last season, he was associated with Vladimir Tarasenko, who played After two frustrating and injury-ridden seasons, he once again played the All-Star level.there’s still one huge Improve Thomas’ scrimmage ability; last season, his winning percentage was only 42.6%, averaging less than 10 points per game, and this season, his winning percentage was 51.9%, averaging more than 15 points per game. Thomas ranks 30th in the league with 134 faceoff victories, and with his dual position qualifications, he can become a very valuable player in the rotating league.

Nazem Kadri, C, Colorado Avalanche

In Friday’s game against Kraken, Kadri sent out two more assists, extending his consecutive scoring record to eight games, including multi-point efforts in the past three games. Scored a total of 9 points in the four games without MacKinnon, although Kadri’s role as the No. 2 pivot has not changed, because Mikko Rantanen is now at the center of the top line, which is also an incredibly efficient run and one of Avs The important reason is now rolling.

His warm-up match has not been ignored, he has always been one of the most popular members of Yahoo. He is an all-around, multi-category beast, scoring 19 points, 26 free throws, 40 shots and 120 faceoff victories. His scoring speed is the highest in his career. Although all consecutive hits will inevitably end, he is moving towards the best season because he scored 32 consecutive times for the Leafs in the year before him. A scoring season was traded to Colorado.

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