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We look forward to many Indians visiting Qatar during the World Cup-Supreme Council

Fatima Alnuemi, the Executive Director of Communications of the Supreme Committee of the Qatar World Cup, believes that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will welcome a large number of Indian fans.

“Qatar and India have been in contact for hundreds of years, and we see India as our strategic partner. In addition to the geographical proximity of the two countries, Qatar Airways also connects many Indian cities. This shows how close our relationship is. “We Looking forward to a large number of fans from India visiting Qatar during the World Cup and enjoying football celebrations,” Al-Nuaimi said in an interaction on Thursday. “Qatar expands the goodwill for our country’s World Cup qualifiers by allowing the Indian national football team to train. (June this year),” she said.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup. It is now 98% ready for the four-year World Cup. “In terms of stadiums and infrastructure, we are ready for 98%. I hope that the World Cup will be the biggest sporting event since the COVID era. “We expect 100% fan attendance. Due to Qatar’s unique location, there will be many people from the Middle East and other parts of Asia. I believe there will be a lot of fans from countries such as India and China, even though their team did not participate,” Al-Nuaimi said.

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