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Watch: Shaheen Afridi injured Bangladeshi batter Afif Hossain with a powerful throw after being hit six times

Pakistani Pacers Shahin Afridi In the second T20I match against Bangladesh on Saturday, his name received some negative attention.

After being hit for six points, Afridi deliberately threw the ball back to the Bangladesh batter Afif Hussein.

The incident occurred after the second delivery for the third time, and Hussein hit the most. In the following deliveries, when the young Bangladeshi defended the ball back to the pitcher, Afridi-he may still be shocked by the six people whose previous ball was hit-turned around and threw the ball to the batter, hitting Hussein with an ankle.

To his credit, Afridi immediately apologized for his mistake.Captain of pakistan Babar Azam After Hussein fell to the ground with a violent throw, he also rushed in to check.

After receiving treatment from the team’s physiotherapist, Hussein was declared fit to continue hitting the ball.The 22-year-old player made 20 runs out of 21 balls before being fired by the kicker Shadab khan.

This is the video:

The hosts lost 7 wickets in their prescribed game and only scored 108 points. Afridi and Shadad picked several wickets for the visitors.

In response, Pakistan shot down the target in the 18.1 round, with Fahal Zaman With the help of 2 four-pointers and three 6-pointers, 57 of the 51 balls did not go out. Mohamed Rizwan Also contributed 39 and captain Babar (1) suffered a rare failure.

“The team worked hard and was pleased with the way the boys used their momentum. We played well in midfield and ended well,” The Pakistan captain said with an unbeatable 2-0 lead in three series.

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