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Watch: Nathan Smith scores an amazing catch in the first game of the Super Smash T20 League

Young right arm sealing machine Nathan Smith Achieved amazing results in the first game in progress Super Smash 2021-22 Between defending champions Wellington Firebirds And last year’s runner-up Canterbury Kings Friday at Hagley Oval in Christchurch.He showed his athleticism on the thin leg boundary and sent back to the Canterbury Opener Ken McClure For a duck.

The incident happened in the first game of the pacemaker Hamish BennettMcClure flicked his mat at the right time, but Smith, who was standing at the border of his thin legs, had some other ideas.

Smith caught the ball while running to the right, but couldn’t stop himself from crossing the boundary. The 23-year-old player hit the ball in the air within the boundary line and then jumped back to complete an amazing catch. McClure was stunned by Smith’s talent and walked quietly back to the air-raid shelter.

This is the video:

In the game, after being asked to hit the ball first, Wellington scored a total of 177/7 in their prescribed 20 passes.Tellers Find Allen And batter Luke Georgeson Provided a quick start for their team and added 89 opening wickets.Pacemaker in Canterbury Ed Natol Scored three wickets for his team.

Allen bluffs fifty, along with Luke Georgeson (30 22), Michael Braswell (17 minus 27) and Jamie Gibson (22 games out of 19 games), Wellington completed a total of 177 games.

In response, Canterbury was tied up by 150. Wellington’s all-around player and captain Michael Braeswell took three wickets, while Bennett and Smith each took two wickets. Wellington won the game by 27 points.

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