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Watch: Deepak Chahar stares at Martin Guptill after he fired Martin Guptill in the first T20I match between India and New Zealand

India with new Zealand The horn was locked in the first T20I of the three-game series on Wednesday.Under the leadership Rohit Sharma India recorded five victories against New Zealand in the final Sawai Mansingh Stadium exist Jaipur.

After hitting the ball first, the Black Hats had a poor start because Darryl Mitchell Got fired Bufneswar Kumar. However, Martin Guptier with Mark Chapman A key partnership of 109 runs was established for the second ticket gate to help New Zealand publish a competitive total on the board.

Guptill looked good in the hand, hitting 70 of 42 goals, 4 six-pointers and three-pointers, and the shooting percentage was 166.67.

In the first game, there was a joke in the 18th game. Deepak Chahar, When Guptill stared at him, he hit a blind 6 ball from the Indian sealer. Well, Chahar did not spend much time making a comeback.

This time, the right-arm player threw a slower pitch to Guptill, who tried to get past the top again.The ball got the height instead of the distance and landed safely Shireas AyreNow, Chahar stared at Guptier, and the latter began to walk back to the pavilion.

Interestingly, after the game, Chahar won the “Kamaal ka Moment” award for his staring eyes and eventually won 100,000 Indian rupees.

While chasing 165 victories, Rohit with Rahul, Kuala Lumpur It took only five times to add fifty times to the opening wicket.but Michael Santer Rahul was quickly fired on the 15th. Then, Surya Kumar Yadav Joining Rohit, the two brought the home team closer to the goal.

When Rohit lost his wicket in the 14th game, he was two points away from his half-century. Trent BoltSuryakumar continued to beat the Black Caps bowling lineup before the end of the 17th.

Even in the dominance of the game, Shreyas and Venkatesh El Give New Zealand a chance to regain a game in their favor.The game seems to be slipping away from India, but trousers Finish it in style and give him a 1-0 lead in three series.

Surya Kumar won the “Best Player of the Game” award for his key shots.

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