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WATCH: Another accurate live analysis by Ricky Ponting; perfect prediction of Jack Leach’s wicket in fourth Test

Again and again, former Australia captain Ricky Ponting Has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable cricket analysts. Ponting is an excellent game reader and has a dizzying amount of skill in predicting consequences – something he still shows in the comments.

Not long ago, The Tasmanian perfectly predicted Cameron Green’s sacking during the second test Australia and UK In the ongoing Ashes 2021-22. Ponting observed that Green tended to start bats with an open stance, while England bowlers would pitch at full force to target his stumps. Ponting’s analysis, Ben Stokes Tossed a full pitch and cleared Green.

Now, once again, Pontin has an excellent prediction Fourth Ashes Test recently concluded in Sydney on Sunday.The 47-year-old accurately called for dismissal Jack Ritchie Leave Steve SmithThe bowling is in the penultimate game of the Test match.

The final half hour of the fifth day, the Australian skipper Pat Cummins He was forced to use a spinner in the final three rounds due to the dim light at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Cummins decided to give the bowl to his second-in-command, Smith.

Smith, who started his career as a leg spinner, justified his captain’s move by sacking Leach to leave Australia one wicket away from victory. Although, Ponting, who was on the air at the time, had already predicted a potential game-changing moment.

As Smith approached the pitch, Ponting predicted that NSW batsmen should put the ball in the footprints near the batsman for maximum advantage.

“Can he get something out of a footprint? That’s what he wants to do, he expands outside the stump, grabs a footprint…” Pontin said in a comment 7 Cricket.

Ponting’s analysis came true as Smith’s pass continued to hit the footprints near Leach’s stump and took away the batter’s outer rim, who was caught. David Warner slipping.

Here is the video:

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