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Wall, Manner, Kempf and Clifford

Two different nights, two different results. In the second back-to-back game between the two teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the New York Islanders 3-0 with an overwhelming offense in the New York Islanders’ new facility.

The team is led by 23-year-old Joseph Wall, who is playing the second game for the Maple Leafs. He has now won the two games he participated in. Mitch Marner also showed some of the performances that made him the fourth player in the NHL scoring list last season. In the end, David Kempf’s third line, his old friend Ondrej Kase and the newly launched Nick Rich looked very strong and scored a beautiful goal to give the team a 2-0 lead.

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In this issue of Maple Leaf News and Rumors, I will share the insights of the game and comment on some player actions Maple Leaf made around the team.

Article 1: A more confident Joseph Wall appeared on the Internet

Joseph Wall made his first elimination look relatively easyPart of the reason for this ease was that his team handed the game to the Islanders with difficulty, and when Wall was asked to face more shots, his team led 1-0. In other words, he played well as a rookie goalkeeper. A mistake could cause the Islanders to score and tie the score.

Joseph Wall, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Never make that mistake. Instead, he stopped all 20 shots made by the Islanders on the net, and the Maple Leafs added protection to a game that seemed relatively easy to win by 3-0.

This is the first time Wall’s career has been suspended. As mentioned earlier, this is the second start of his career. Maple Leafs fans probably won’t see the 23-year-old rookie start playing in the near future. The next Maple Leafs back-to-back game will not arrive until the team will play away against the Minnesota Wilds and the Winnipeg Jets on December 4th and December 5th.

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By early December, the currently injured substitute goalkeeper Peter Mrazek Should be cleared to restore game action. Mrazek is recovering from a groin injury, which prevents him from participating in games for most of the season. When Mrazek returns, Woll may return to the AHL’s Toronto Mali team, while he is preparing for more NHL games in the future.

Wall performed well in his two games.

The second item: Mickey Mana returns to cruise

Mitch Manner has now played 20 games in the 2020-21 season. To say that he started the season slowly is an understatement. He scored an assist in the team’s first game of the season and then scored no points in six games. After seven games, 1 assist.

Mitch Manner Toronto Maple Leafs
Mitch Marner, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In the past 13 games, he started to show the fans of the Mana Maple Leafs what they were looking forward to. He scored the first goal of the game and the last goal of the game in a 3-0 win last night, becoming the team’s offensive leader. These two goals now increase his total points during the season to 6 and increase his total points to 17.

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Mana’s first goal was broken in less than four minutes in the first quarter with a shortage of manpower. Jack MuzinMana then scored a safety goal when intercepting a pass in the central zone and making concessions with Michael Bunting. For his part, Bunting passed Mana’s bat in front of the net.

Third: David Kempf’s line once again appears strong in the victory

Between Mana’s two goals, Ondreji Kasser scored a beautiful goal started by everyone Nick Ridge. Rich defeated an Islander defender and quickly passed the ball to David Kempf, who soon found Cass alone on the goalkeeper. Before the islanders’ goalkeeper saw what was about to happen, Kase scored quickly and easily. As I remember seeing throughout the season, two passes are as fast as one shot.

David Kempff Toronto Maple Leafs
David Kempff, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In the past seven games, Kampf has not known his number of goals or total points, and now he has two goals and three assists. The 26-year-old Czech forward has achieved more success this season than any other player in his career. Expect him to set a personal scoring record-his highest number of goals in a single season is 8, and he has 15 assists in a season.

Kempf seems to be everywhere on the ice, and because of his strong defense, he has been greatly appreciated by the coaching staff and teammates. In his first year of playing for the team, his suspension in the team’s third-line role was not ignored.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

I believe the Maple Leafs team is already preparing for the playoffs. Specifically, I noticed that Kyle Clifford, who recently returned to the Maple Leafs from the St. Louis Blues, played two games with Toronto Moray.I may be wrong, but I think Maple Leafs is loading Marlies Long-term playoffs will be held at the end of the season.

Welcome back, Cliffy. We have acquired forward Kyle Clifford from St. Louis in exchange for future considerations. #Forever leaves

Last season, the Maple Leafs traded “injury insurance” players for the playoffs to prevent someone from being injured and unable to play. To this end, they used their picks—albeit a low pick—to bring in defensive players Ben Hutton (5th round pick), Riley Nash (7th round pick) and goalkeeper David Riti Odd (3rd round pick). None of these players actually played, and then they quickly moved on.

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The Maple Leafs spent more money on AHL players this season, and I guess they might become the kind of injury insurance players the team increased through trades last season. This season they will not have to spend/waste even lower round options. A wise move.

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