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Wall, Cass, Anderson, Dermot and Rich

In this issue of the Toronto Maple Leafs news and rumors, I will look at some news and rumors of the organization. Specifically, I will look at the young Joseph Wall and share that he was sought after by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2016 NHL Draft. Secondly, I will comment on the value of Ondrej Kase to the team and consider where he is best suited to play.

First item: Is goalkeeper Joseph Wall almost an oiler?

Joseph Wall won his first two NHL games online, supporting the Maple Leafs starting lineup Jack CampbellThis shouldn’t be his year; and unless there is a big problem, Wall will have to wait a while for his chance to become a regular customer of the NHL. However, Wall is firmly rooted in the Maple Leafs organization, which is good for the team.

Joseph Woll, the first goalkeeper in Maple Leafs history to be eliminated in the first two NHL away games of his career

In the most recent 32 ideas column, Hockey Insider Elliott Friedman revealed,“On Hockey Night in Canada last Saturday, Craig McTavish said that if Toronto didn’t take Joseph Wall, the Oilers would go. The Maple Leafs ranked him 62nd. Edmund Pause is next.”

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Now that Wall has won his first two NHL games, does this mean he can prepare for prime time?with Peter Mrazek So far, most of the season this season has been missed due to injuries, which allows Jack Campbell to be online almost every time. Is Woll ready to be a viable backup?

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Another question is, if things continue, what will happen after this season? The Maple Leafs will renew Campbell’s contract, and I hope this will happen soon. Obviously, Kyle Dubas’s plan is to have Campbell and Mrazek together for the next two seasons so that Woll (or others) will have more time to hone their skills on minors; however, injuries and Wall Has the advent of this plan changed?

This situation will be very interesting.

Item 2: Where to play Ondrej Kase?

Some things about Ondrej Kase made him one of the surprise choices of the Maple Leafs offseason. First, and most importantly, he is healthy. Before the start of this season, I am not the only one who believes that Kase is the Maple Leafs’ investment in the future and a long-term project that will not show up this season. I think he might spend the entire season on LTIR. It’s not like this. Although Kase may be only one blow from the injury that ended his career, I think almost every NHL player can say the same.

Ondrej Kase Toronto Maple Leafs
Ondrej Kase, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Secondly, Kase is a tireless worker. When you look up the “200-foot game” in the hockey encyclopedia, his picture is based on that definition. He is a determined player and works hard in every class. He is an excellent partner of David Kampf in the third line; and, although it should be a discontinued line, the fact that Kase, Kampf and their usual production line partner Pierre Engvall are in a positive and negative balance. This fact impressive.

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Third, Gas has offensive talent, which allows the three-point line to provide supplementary points. Neither Kampf nor Kase lights it up on the scoreboard, but they can score-and quickly. Nick Ridge’s goal in the New York Islanders game was a quick pass that I have seen for a long time.

Given Kase’s flexibility and complementary offensive skill set, this leaves the question of playing his position in the lineup. My guess is that he will stay in Kampf to create a stoppage for the third-tier Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keef hopes to build as long as he is the coach.

David Kempff Toronto Maple Leafs
David Kempff, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Regardless of the result, there is no doubt that Kase has adapted well to the third line of the Maple Leafs and the entire team.From Keefe said he played against Kampf, Even teammates were inspired by the success of the three-point line.

Article 3: The NHL life of Joey Anderson and Travis Dermot (and others)

For most Maple Leafs players, life seems very regular. They practice, they play. But for some young players on the Maple Leafs, life seems a bit difficult-at least for me. For example, forward Joey Anderson is constantly moving back and forth between the AHL Mali team and the NHL’s Maple Leafs team.

He has been adjusting the list. However, he has not participated in the NHL competition this season. He is work injury insurance.

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The Maple Leafs recalled Anderson of the AHL Toronto team during Sunday’s game against the Islanders. In five games in early November, he was scratched in health and was sent to the Mali team on November 15. Anderson is obviously the depth of choice for the Maple Leafs. He was about to play, but he didn’t.

Likewise, young guard Travis Demot (and others, such as Timothy Liegren, Rasmus Sanding, and sometimes Justin Hall) keep coming and going in and out of the lineup. Head coach Keef is obviously taking advantage of a situation where the team seems to have seven excellent defensive players, each of whom can play at the NHL level and have them.

Sometimes Dermot is sitting; sometimes he plays. Sometimes another young defensive player will come in; sometimes, the player will be with others in the press box. I can only assume that this is frustrating because every player wants to participate in the game and believes that he can contribute.

Travis Dermott Toronto Maple Leafs
Travis Dermott, Toronto Maple Leafs (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

NHL hockey is a professional game; moreover, it is part of the lives of young players. When Wayne Symonds talked about being a healthy scratch, it impressed me, this is what it feels like. I can only imagine.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

One unresolved issue on the team is how to deal with Nick Rich. In my opinion, he played well. He just didn’t find the transcript of success. Fortunately, coach Keef did not give up on him, and kept trying him in different positions in the lineup.

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I think Ritchie looks good as part of the three-line inspection team. He is even faster than Auston Matthews’s top six players. However, I think the jury is still unable to determine Ritchie’s whereabouts. With Ilya Mikheyev’s broken thumb coming back soon, the situation is particularly complicated. This is a good complication, but it is still a complication.

I can’t even guess that Rich will play in the next game of the Maple Leafs against the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see.

The veteran professor (Jim Parsons, Sr.) has been teaching at the College of Education of the University of Alberta for more than 40 years. He is a Canadian boy with two degrees from the University of Kentucky and a doctorate from the University of Texas. He is now retired on Vancouver Island and lives there with his family. His hobbies include playing his hockey card and simply becoming a sports fan-hockey, Toronto Raptors and CFL football (thinking that Ricky Ray is what a professional athlete should do).

If you want to know why he didn’t use his real name, it’s because his son—also Jim Parsons—for Hockey writer First, Jim Sr. is asked to use another name so that readers will not confuse their work.

Because Jim Sr. used to work in China, he called the teacher (teacher) in Mandarin. The first word lǎo (老) means “old”, and the second word shī (师) means “teacher”. The literal translation of lǎoshī is “old teacher”. That became his pen name.Today, except for writing Hockey writer, He teaches graduate research design at several Canadian universities.

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