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W25: The GOAT case of former Houston comet Cynthia Cooper

Regarding the WNBA, one of my favorite statistics is that since 2002, there has not been a repeat of the championship team. Of all the great players who have entered the league since then and won multiple titles in their careers, none have been able to continue to dominate more since the Los Angeles Sparks in 2001 and 2002, one season at a time.

The only team to win three consecutive championships is the Houston Comets. They won the first four WNBA championships. Although they were disbanded in 2008, they are still (tied) on the championship list (tied). When thinking of the WNBA dynasty, the Comets are truly unique.

This is why any discussion about the greatest WNBA in history must start and end with the Houston team. Winning with the goal behind is a sign of true excellence. No team can do this like the Houston Comets, which means that their leader Cynthia Cooper must be WNBA GOAT.

WNBA goats.
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In the four full seasons of the WNBA, she won four championships and was named Finals MVP each time. Cooper was selected to the WNBA All-NBA First Team for four seasons. In the first three years, he was the leading scoring team. In 1997 and 1998, he was the MVP of the league. With a scoring average of 20.98 per game, she is still the highest scoring person in the league’s career.

If high-level statistics are your jam, Cooper maintained the record for the most personal season win contribution points in her 1998 campaign with a score of 10.02. More than 20 years later, she owns three of the first seven seasons in history.

WNBA lists seven standards Determine the pool of the top 25 players of all time. If we choose GOAT, the qualifying competition should be more stringent. At least, the greatest player of all time should be the best player in the league for at least one season, and on the highest stage. In fact, a GOAT should have at least one MVP and one Finals MVP to get this title.

There are 10 players remaining eligible for the honor: Cooper, Yolanda Griffith, Lisa Leslie, Lauren Jackson, Candace Parker, Diana Taurasi, Tamika Catchings, Maya Moore, Sylvia Fowles and Breanna Stewart.

It’s hard to find too many mistakes in any player on the roster. Jackson was a threat in her prime. Her Storm forward Stewart is widely regarded as the best player in the world; Leslie is a back-to-back champion and the first great center; Catchings and Taurasi have had their careers in their careers. The longevity aspect is unparalleled.

1999 WNBA Finals Game 3: New York Liberty vs. Houston Comets

The best team of all time is led by the league’s greatest player.
Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

But Cooper’s personal peak is greater than any of them. Although she only played in the WNBA for four years because she was 34 years old when the league was founded, she optimized her time better than anyone else.

Cooper is the first face of the league, although the power of the WNBA does not know how good she is. Val Ackerman tells Undefeated 2016 If they realize how talented the final four-time champion is, the league will not pair Cooper and Swoopes.But Cooper got the chance to play with Swoopes with Tina Thompson and she took full advantage of opportunities that American audiences missed before the existence of the WNBA.

It is true that the ring is not the only measure of a player’s success, and it is unfair that Catchings has been particularly affected in history due to the lack of a good support lineup in the Indiana fanatics. Griffith is a victim of a similar fate.

But when we talk about the greatest ever, a complete resume is important. Although Cooper’s career is short, her decoration is the same as everyone else. In her best form, she has maintained this state almost throughout her short WNBA career, and Cooper’s performance is unparalleled. She also helped birth the alliance and the dynasty.

Without Cynthia Cooper, the story of the WNBA is incomplete. She set a standard for future players, and everyone since then has worked hard to clear this obstacle.

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