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Virat Kohli: Shankar Basu helped me overcome my constant back pain

Virat Kohli talked about his struggle with continuous back pain in 2014 and how he overcome it under the guidance of former Force India and fitness coach Shankar Basu.

In the preface of Shanker’s debut-100, 200 physical training-Kohli recalled how he was introduced to weightlifting by the S&C coach, and he helped him become one of the healthiest cricket players around.

“In the second half of 2014, I found that my back problems were ruthless and never relieved. Every morning, I had to do a 45-minute routine to relax my back, but the stiffness may come back at any time.

“At that time, Mr. Basu and I had a conversation about lifting weights and gaining overall physical strength,” Corley wrote.


Shankar, who worked in the national team from 2015 to 2019, is regarded as the person responsible for Kohli’s transformation and the physical fitness of the Indian team. “At first, I didn’t believe (about weightlifting), but the only thing Mr. Basu asked of me was’trust’. I fully believed in his knowledge and experience.

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“I remember that in our 2015 series against Sri Lanka, I started to learn about weightlifting from Mr. Basu, understood the motivation and research behind the practice, and felt that I was working in an amazing direction.

“The results were excellent. This changed my view of Shi Enxi and the importance of knowing exactly where I am working.”

“Best Physical Fitness Coach”

Kohli, who published the book on social media last week, praised Shankar, who is currently working at RCB. “Mr. Basu is the best physical coach I have ever worked with. His ability to make you feel at ease with his template is absolutely amazing. I have never been with someone who knows exactly how to change my physique and performance according to my needs. People work together, rather than through a set of templates that everyone can use.

“I really believe that through this book, you can gain in-depth understanding of details and knowledge. This knowledge will definitely change your view of the meaning of training, the way you do things, and how you feel about your physique after completing the T plan. Mr. Su likes to say,” Corley added.

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