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Virat Kohli sacked at 79 in Cape Town for waiting 71st century, Twitter reacts

India Test captain Virat Kohli looked his best for the past two years but was unable to convert his 50 to 100 after running out of patience. Kohli started running out of partners at the other end and had to go for shots, which led to his downfall.

After opting to bat in cloudy conditions, India faltered again, single-handedly stopped by Kohli. Cheteshwar Pujara helped him very well, Rishabh Pants But once the latter goes down, it’s only a matter of time before the batting order falls apart.

Virat Kohli. Credit: Twitter.

In a show of toughness and perseverance, Kohli played an excellent Test knock, leaving most of the ball out alone. There are glimpses of his past self as he hits flashy screens and drives straight. He looks destined for that elusive 71st century.

However, on a day when Kohli was at his best, the batter let him down. Pant made another rash move, and the typically combative Shardul Thakur went down to up the ante. With no reliable partner at the other end, Kohli went out fishing after 200 deliveries at the crease.

Virat Kohli.
Virat Kohli.Credit: Twitter

While he was sacked at 79, it did mark a new and different Kohli with more patience and determination to keep the ball on the 5th stump line. The way the 33-year-old plays has really raised hopes among fans that 2022 will be better than previous years.

Here’s Twitter’s reaction to Virat Kohli’s knock on the door:

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