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Virat Kohli is the right move to abandon the T20I captain

Previous Australia Spinner Brad Hogg thinks Virat Kohli made the right decision because he resigned IndiaThe captain of the T20I after the T20 World Cup.

On Thursday night, Kohli announced that he would abandon his T20I captain duties after the big event scheduled to take place in the UAE from October to November. Kohli cited workload management as the key reason for his decision.

On his YouTube channel, Brad Hogg emphasized that as the captain of all three formats, Coley has been under tremendous pressure in the past few years. He believes that it is fair for the captain to give himself another chance to win the ICC championship.

Virat Kohli (Image source: Twitter)

“I think Virat Kohli is the right move to abandon the captain. There is a lot of pressure to be the captain of India in all three formats. If he performs well, he is the player of the month. If things don’t go well, he will be caught Left, right and center laughed. He has given up the pressure. I like the way he will be captain of the World Cup again, which gives him a chance to win the World Cup there,” Brad Hogg said.

This move shows that India cares about cricket testing: Brad Hogg

India has been severely criticized in the past week for not taking the Manchester test — notably, because of concerns about the coronavirus — and flying to the UAE to participate in the IPL.

The 50-year-old compared these views. He said that with Kohli’s move-leaving the T20I captain while paying more attention to his cricket test-India has shown that they are The attention and care of the format.

Willat Colley
Willat Kohli.Image source: Twitter

“He realizes that in the past five series, he has been struggling in the cricket test. He has performed poorly in the past five series. Others say that India’s withdrawal from the fifth test means that they are against the test. Cricket is not interested. Well, this move shows that they care about cricket testing and they want to continue to dominate this format,” the Australian added.

The second half of IPL 2021 will last from September 19 to October 15; a few days after the start of the T20 World Cup. India will face Pakistan on October 24.

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