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Twitter reaction: Shreyas Iyer and Ravindra Jadeja put India at the commanding heights on the first day of the Kanpur test

Corkscrew Schumann Gil, Newcomer Shireas Ayre And all-rounder Lavindra Jedeya When India looks powerful, all the bats are shining On the first day of the first test in New Zealand, 258/4 Green park in Kanpur.

Both Iyer and Jadeja scored for half a century, giving the Indian team a lead over the Black Caps in the final game, as the visitors grabbed the wicket back to back before the coffee break. Iyer and Jaddu established a 113 undefeated partnership for the fifth wicket before the referee requested an early break due to poor lighting.

Iyer, who made his debut in the longest format, seized the opportunity and hit the ball very well. With the help of seven four-pointers and two six-pointers, he remained unbeaten at 75 points. Along with the Mumbai plus batsman, Jadeja also hit 50 with the help of 6 borders without going out.

Earlier, Tim Socie with Kyle Jamison Provided a rapid breakthrough for New Zealand.Although Southee was fired Chetshwar Pugara (26), Jamison got rid of Mayak Agarwal (13) With the captain Akinka Rahani (35).

Before Jamison cleaned him up, Jill played well at the top and scored another half a century in his career.

“Not many. I spotted some swings early and fluctuated a little bit up and down. I hardly played in recent months. I’m glad to be back in the park. Hope the new balls swing a little in the morning and we can get them. I think India leads the way. We hang out very well. We need a good start in the morning,” After the day of the game, Jamison said.

Here is Twitter’s response:

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