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Try this for better compression

Too many golfers I have taught are working hard compression golf!Have a distinct energy shortage Transfer from the club head to the ball.get Face In an early position Hem Very helpful to increase compression with Hiss Away from the face. That’s it…

When trying this exercise, look for the following:

  • Don’t try to hit the ball with this-it’s all about getting right feel

  • Hold the club at the bottom of the main hand grip and keep the club head away from the ground

  • When you reach the top, you should see the handle on the front of the forearm

this way drill Correct will ensure that you also get Face with Club head Start the downswing in a good position without having to try to make the club shallow or lower the shaft.

When you put the club at the top, this should be your point of view Back swing. Give it a try and see if you can join feel Go to your next practice Or the warm-up session.

Thank you for reading/watching, I hope I can share something in some way to help you experience more happiness when visiting the link.


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