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Trio of the Las Vegas Golden Cavaliers is building a Hall of Fame resume

Just as each new Hall of Fame course brings a new chapter to NHL history with new talents, it also updates and adjusts the unofficial Hall of Fame template. Just as boring as the argument “If X is a Hall of Fame member, then Y should also be a Hall of Fame member”, statistics and achievements play a major, albeit flawed, role in determining admission criteria.

By evaluating each hall category- Which officially includes On Monday, Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Doug Wilson, Kevin Lowe, Kim St-Pierre and Ken Holland will form opinions on which former players should be enshrined and which stars are on their way to 30 Yonge Street.

This is where the Vegas Golden Cavaliers come in. Although they have achieved great success in the past five years, the opportunity to cheer for the former players entering the lobby will not come soon.The last NHL expansion before Vegas was when the Minnesota Wilds and the Columbus Blue Jackets joined the league in 2000. Minnesota still had no players selected, and Columbus had only a few memorable, late-career seasons. Sergey FedorovHowever, three players from the Golden Cavaliers are proving that they are the first players to enter the lobby in Las Vegas.

Mark Stone

with Mark Stone’s back problems (Obviously) Behind him, the Golden Cavaliers captain is expected to move on and pursue the eighth consecutive season with 20 or more goals. Although this winning streak is not enough to amaze Hall voters, the three-time Selke Award runner-up has supported his consistent scoring through elite two-way matches.

Before Mark Stone won a “C” before this season (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Stone is now 29 years old and he will sign until the 2026-27 season, when he will be 35 years old. Based on his total points during that time, by the time his contract expires, he can score 308 goals and 828 points. These numbers have not yet reached a stable level of 1,000 points, which seems to determine the forward’s entry into the Hall of Fame-in recent classes, there are only the likes of Paul Carria, Eric Linderos and Peter Forsberg. The often injured star failed to get there.

But wait! Stone’s final Hall candidacy will also be closely related to the success of his team. Even if the total score is small, being the leader of the championship team and the main defensive force will increase his chances, and eventually win one or two Selke will not be hurt.

Alex Pietrangeello

Alex Pietrangelo (Alex Pietrangelo) has a long way to go before it matches Wilson’s record of 827 career points from the blue line (his 482 points), but this 31 The year-old player is still in a good position. Among the active blue line players, he ranks 12th in scoring and 9th in plus or minus.He has also participated in 3 All-Star games, although his meager top 10 in the Norris Trophy counts as A little indifferent, And all this happened as a defensive player.

Alex Pietrangelo Vegas Golden Knights
Alex Pietrangelo, Vegas Golden Cavaliers (Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire, Getty Images)

What Pietrangelo will bring to the Golden Cavaliers in the long-term remains to be seen, but the opening and closing arguments of his Hall case are his role in the St. Louis Blues’ 2019 championship. As the captain, he ranked first among the Blues in average playoff time (25 minutes 45 minutes per game) and playoff assists (16 times).He even scored Cup winner in Game 7 Stanley Cup final.

The entry of Kevin Lowe provides encouraging signs for defensive players and recognized winners, even if they lack the gorgeous data of some of their contemporaries. Pietrangelo may benefit from the open doors, but it won’t hurt to reproduce for a few years for a successful organization.

Jack Eichel

I know, I know, touting a player who is months away from the Golden Cavaliers’ first game in the Hall of Fame may be a bit too much.Yes, what kind of player Jack Eichel Will be a valid question for someone when he comes back Major surgery is over The last time who participated in the competition was in early March.

However, if Eichel can return to or close to his level before the neck problem, then the 25-year-old player’s performance in the lobby will be solid. Even though his 2020-21 season is severely restricted by injuries, he entered his 25-year-old season to score more points than Marian Hossa at the same moment in his career, only better than Jarom Ikinra’s. The speed is 8 points less.

Jack Eichel, Alex Tucci blockbuster
Jack Eichel, Alex Tuch (hockey writers)

Suddenly, Echel became the first center of one of the best teams in the league, and it can be said that he will become the best player in the club. If the former Buffalo Sabres can serve as the main force, main goal and scoring producer for the perennial playoff team for the remaining four-year contract – and possibly adding some Stanley Cup rings in the process – it will be difficult to see him Missed to the hall.

These Golden Cavaliers are not lacking in talent, as evidenced by the inclusion of three players in the Hall of Fame (apologies to William Carlson, Shay Theodore and Robin Rainer for not embarking on such a lofty track). However, for the time being, healthy, stable production and winning should all be of great help to their case.

Deep down in my heart, I may be a fan of Leafs (as an employee of Scotiabank Arena, I have witnessed their ups and downs), but I am also a senior freelance sports writer who likes good stories. In the past few years, there has been no better hockey story than the Vegas Golden Cavaliers. I am very happy to report on the NHL again in the Golden Cavaliers’ beat.

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