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Toronto Maple Leafs signs two-year contract with Nick Ridge

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed power forward Nick Rich.

The 25-year-old Rich had a very successful season with the Boston Bruins. He scored 15 goals and 11 assists in 56 games, scoring 26 points. Despite this, the Bruins eventually thought that his qualification offer was too high and did not meet their preferences, and he was allowed to walk as a free agent.

If Ritchie’s name sounds familiar, it’s because some old-school fans hope the Leafs will draft him in 2014. The Leafs replaced William Nylander with the eighth overall pick, and the Anaheim Ducks picked Ritchie as tenth. The Leafs clearly made the right choice there, but Rich still developed into a useful player who could score.

As a natural LW, Ritchie should compete with Auston Matthews or John Tavares for a role, and can use rebounds and skills. If this is not possible, he may provide some offense in a defensively oriented bottom six.

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