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Toronto Maple Leafs has 3 good early lease transaction goals

The Toronto Maple Leafs reversed the season after a slow start The leaf country was terrified. The team looks like their previous selves, and expectations for the team are still high. There is no doubt that General Manager Kyle Dubas will seek to make some additions before the trade deadline, so let’s delve into three early leasing candidates that should be watched by the Maple Leafs.

Before we start, for this article, I will focus on forwards and look for articles about defenders in the next few weeks. My criteria for choosing these names include many aspects. For example, players must come from a team that I don’t think will make the playoffs so that they can play.

In addition, they must sign a contract that is about to expire, which is affordable for the Maple Leafs, which is tight on funds, and can be used in many ways in Toronto. Nick Foligno last season Before he was injured, he was a perfect addition because he played on the wide and mid lanes. Let’s see who are some of the early candidates for the board of directors in 2021-22:

Robbie Fabry

The Maple Leafs team may make very high offers, which may include Travis Dermot And Robbie Fabry’s mid-level forward prospect, because the Detroit Red Wings are very high for their 25-year-old forward. So far, Fabry has scored 8 points in 20 games.

In Motown last season, Fabry ended the game with a 17.2% field goal percentage. In some cases, the current leader of the Maple Leafs is John Tavares (John Tavares), accounting for 12.5%. Fabry was able to finish the game and move up and down to the top six forwards or third-line players in the lineup to help close the opponent’s top line. The Maple Leafs will be looking for someone with David Kempf and Ondrej Kase in the third line, and Fabry is undoubtedly a worthy candidate. He is also an excellent candidate to fight alongside Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews.

Robbie Fabry, Detroit Red Wings (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Fabry is someone Dubas knows very well in the Ontario Hockey League. As we have seen, the general manager of the Maple Leafs likes to surround himself with familiar faces. Considering that he mainly plays on the wing, the versatile forward has also spent a considerable amount of time on faceoffs this season. He won the face-off with a 52% shooting percentage, and he scored a career-high 190 draws last season. If someone like Kampf or Jason Spezza is injured, this is a good element for the Maple Leafs back pocket.

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The last is money.Made in Fabry US$2.95 million per quarter And considering that they will only get less than half of that amount when they approach the transaction deadline, and if Dermot goes the other way, the cash should be easily balanced, enough for the Maple Leafs to make it work.

Max Domie

Dormy of the Maple Leafs is back? This is like Nick Foligno 2.0, but with steroids. Reporting will be crazy, to say the least, it will be interesting. Max Domie has only participated in six games so far this season, but has performed well, scoring 7 points. His $5.3 million salary is not ideal, but it can be controlled, and can actually be acquired by the Maple Leafs team, they have a long financial creativity.

So far this season, Columbus has performed better than expected, but I think as we progress this year, they will gradually return to reality. They are currently in the wild card position. However, the Boston Bruins, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the three teams that may rank higher in the standings.

Max Domi Columbus blue jacket
Max Domi will be a hit in the Toronto market (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Columbus and Toronto did this dance last season, and with the success of these two teams, it is easy to rekindle the negotiations. Three lines in one In the past eight months. It’s crazy when you think about it, no other duo has done this.

As for Domi’s game, he is certainly not as afraid of losing gloves as his father used to be with the Maple Leafs, but his offensive game is something that the Maple Leafs can take advantage of. Nick Rich Pierre Enval’s performance on the left was very disappointing. The good news is that Domi can play as a center and has been mainly used as a center for the past three seasons. In the 2021-22 season, he has been playing on the wing and his performance is very good. The versatility of the roster is very important in the NHL, and the Maple Leafs will have some lineup options mixed with Domi. An excellent candidate can play any role in a competitive team.

Marcus Johnson

The Seattle Sea Monsters did not perform well in the NHL’s first season, and people are increasingly expecting that the team will sell most of the pending unrestricted free agents. Marcus Johnson is a good candidate for the Maple Leafs because his salary cap is only $1.5 million. He is a man who can play all three forward positions and has nearly 100 Stanley Cup playoff games. Experience.

Marcus Johnson Minnesota Wild
Marcus Johansson and Minnesota Wild take a photo to attract the Maple Leafs (Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images)

This season, the Kraken, a native of Landskrona, Sweden, scored four points in seven games.He fought with some injuries earlier this season because he was injured in the game The team’s first game But since then he has returned and became one of Seattle’s best players. Johnson is affordable, he is very likely to be very available, and is someone who can help the Maple Leafs.

The management of Maple Leafs continues to work on the phone as they have been actively engaged in trade negotiations earlier this season, and this situation is expected to heat up as we end the calendar year. In Toronto, this is an all-or-nothing season, and I hope to see some additions to improve the team. These three forwards deserve the attention of the team, and next time I will look at some options for the blue line. Now, enjoy the West Coast road trip and wish you good luck in staying up for the third time.

Shane covers Toronto Maple Leafs & Pittsburgh Penguins. As a continuous contributor to the THW family, his enthusiasm for the game and unique perspective has created some diversified content. Of course versatile, you can find Seney also contributing on, and on Twitter @ShugMcSween

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