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Top 5 bowlers with the most wickets in the India-New Zealand test series

India with new Zealand Face to face Test series consisting of two games From November 25th. The first test will be held at Green Park in Kanpur, while the Wanhead Stadium in Mumbai will host the second and final game of the two series.

The two games will be part of the 2021-23 World Test Championship, which started with India’s most recent tour U.KIt is worth noting that India and New Zealand faced each other in the first Southampton World Trade Center final. The Black Hats won the game with eight wickets.

Both India and New Zealand are currently one of the best bowling attacks in the world, and fans can look forward to showcasing some top bowling balls in upcoming games.From Tim Socie arrive Ravi Chandran Ashwin, Both countries are made up of high-quality bowlers, and they have the potential to completely change the game. On this point, let’s take a look at the top five ticket inspectors in the India-New Zealand test:

5.) Anil Kumble – 50 wickets

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The greatest spinner in Indian history Anil Campbell With his unique spin bowling combined with speed and bounce, he completely dominated the world of cricket. Kumble scored 619 wickets in 132 tests and is the fourth-highest wicket scorer in test cricket history.

The legend of Karnataka always plays with pure class and confuses one of the best batsmen in the industry. This leg spinner has achieved amazing results in the New Zealand team game in the oldest form. Kumble played 11 games with Black Caps, in which he scored 50 wickets, of which 10/134 was his best performance.

In his outstanding career, Kumble won 3 fifers and 1 10-wicket against New Zealand.

4.) Ravichandran Ashwin – 52 wickets

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Indian side business Ravi Chandran Ashwin He has made many milestones in his brilliant career. He ruled the longest format from the beginning. After just 18 games, the right-arm player scored 100 test wickets and became the fastest Indian.In addition, Ashwin is also the fastest combined legend to get 250 scalps in test cricket Mutia Muralitaran.

With such a huge result, it is not surprising that Ashwin has performed exceptionally well against all top teams, including New Zealand. The Chennai guy participated in 7 tests against Black Caps and scored 52 wickets, of which 13/140 was his best.

Overall, Ashwin has participated in 79 test matches so far and has won 413 wickets, including 35 wickets and seven 10-doors.

3.) Erapalli Prasanna – 55 small doors

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One of the biggest winners in India, Erapalli Anantharao Srinivas Prasanna, Is definitely a master of ball control. Prasanna has excellent control over his flight and has the ability to confuse the best hitters with unplayable deliveries.

Prasanna is the genius of the red ball. He has conducted 49 tests for India and won 189 wickets, including 10 fifers and several 10 wickets. Speaking of his performance in New Zealand, the legend of Karnataka swept 55 scalps, of which 11/140 was his best performance.

2.) Bishan Singh Bedi-57 small doors

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Another Indian spinner on this list is the legendary bowler Bishan Singh Bidi, He fought an extraordinary battle with some of the best batsmen of his time. Brady used to use classic spin bowling to confuse opponents. His biggest USP is changes in flight, circulation, and speed, without any changes in his movements.

Brady conducted 67 tests for India and obtained 266 wickets, including 14 four-doors and one 10-door. In his brilliant career, he has achieved considerable success against New Zealand. Brady participated in as many as 14 tests against the Black Hats, of which 9/70 was his best 57 wickets.

1.) Richard Hadley – 65 wickets

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The only New Zealand bowler on this list is the legendary fast bowler Richard Hadley, Who topped the list with as many as 65 wickets in the game against India. Hadley tested India 14 times between 1976 and 1990 and completely dominated the game.

Hadley scored four 5 shots and two 10 shots in the game against India, of which 11/58 was his best performance. In total, the New Zealander took 86 tests and scored 431 wickets during his brilliant test career.

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