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Top 5 batsmen who ran the most in the India-New Zealand test

Test series India with new Zealand Ready to start From Thursday (November 25th) at Green Park in KanpurBoth teams will play two games in the upcoming series. The second and final match will be held at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Fans will look forward to a series where both sides will see some high-quality shots. India and New Zealand have been playing high-quality games, and the performance of the batsman is also very sensational.

From Sachin Tendulka arrive Brandon McCallum, Both countries have produced first-class batsmen, and they always show first-class performances to entertain their fans. On this point, let’s take a look at the top five scorers in the India-New Zealand test:

5.) Burt Sutcliffe – 885 times

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One of the best batsmen of his generation, Burt Sutcliffe, Is an excellent batsman and New Zealand batsman. One of Sutcliffe’s greatest strengths is his extraordinary ability to adapt to different courts and maintain continuity in scoring.

The Oakland-born man has achieved great success in the game against India, which can be seen from his record. He played 9 games against India. With the help of more than 300 and a half centuries, he completed 885 games with an amazing average score of 68.07 points.

During his New Zealand trip to India in 1955, Sutcliffe demonstrated the highest level of skills and broke a huge bicentury in Delhi. He scored an unbeaten 230 in the first game of the third test, which was his highest score in test cricket.

4.) Graham Dowling – 964 times

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Another legendary black hat batsman on the roster is the former New Zealand captain Graham DowlingThe senior opening batsman enjoyed the match with the Indians, killing a total of three hundred in his brilliant career, all of which were against his favorite opponent, India.

Dowling played 11 games against India and scored 964 points with an average of 48.20 with the help of three tons and two fifties. In the 1967-68 season, he scored a career-best 239 in the Christchurch game against India, leading the team to defeat the Indians for the first time.

In total, the Canterbury batter has participated in 39 tests for New Zealand and scored 2,306 times, including 11 and a half centuries.

3.) Brendon McCallum – 1224 times

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Arguably one of the most explosive batsmen of his time, Brandon McCallum No introduction at all. His illusory ability to destroy bowling attacks makes him one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world of cricket. The Otago batsman brought the T20 method in the form of a red ball and enjoyed the game with India.

McCallum played 10 games with the Indian team in the cricket test and scored 1,224 games with an amazing average of 68 points. He defeated the Indians for 402 and a half centuries, including 300 years in Wellington in 2014.

Overall, the goalkeeper-batsman has participated in as many as 101 test matches for Black Caps, and completed 6,453 games with a staggering average score of 38.64 with 14 tons and 31 times of 50 points.

2.) Sachin Tendulkar – 1595 times

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Indian batting legend and the most influential cricketer of all time, Sachin Tendulka, Is in the second position in the list. From straight hits to back kicks, to other hits such as sweeps, screens, and square cuts, Tendulkar has the expertise to play on the ground.

Tendulkar ended his brilliant testing career and became the highest runner and century maker in the history of the game. Mumbaikar accumulated 15,921 times in 200 tests, with an average score of 53.78. He broke 51 hundreds and 68 and a half centuries in the longest format.

When it comes to his performance against New Zealand, Tendulkar scored 1,595 points in 24 games, with an average score of 46.91. The right-handed hitter scored 4 tons and 8 50 points in the match against Black Caps, of which 217 points were his best result.

1.) Rahul Dravid – 1659 times

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At the top of the fascinating list is another Indian batting genius Rahul DravidThe stalwart of Karnataka is known for his heroism overseas and his ability to perform and shine under the most challenging conditions.

Dravid, known as the “Wall of Cricket”, belongs to the elite cricket players who have scored more than 13,000 times in the longest match. The Bangalore guy took 163 tests and got 13,625 runs, 36 and 63 runs for half a century, including 5 double ton.

Dravid also achieved great success in the game against New Zealand. The former Indian captain participated in 15 games against Black Caps, where he scored 1,659 points, including 6 tons and 50 points, of which 222 points were his best result.

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