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Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie broke her silence on her husband’s obscene messages and explicit photos

Tim Paine At a recent press conference in Hobart, he announced his decision to resign as the Australian test captain.Paine answered the call after being told that his private text messages will be published Australian cricket.

Tim sent a series of obscene messages and some explicit photos to his female colleagues Ahead of the ashes of 2017.

Tim’s wife Bonnie Paine Now she has come out to support her husband and said that it is unfair to be dragged down again after many years. Bonnie added that since she first learned of the news in 2018, both of them have taken a step forward.

“I used to be angry, venting, and upset when we quarreled, talked, and then we all decided to continue living and do it together,” Bonnie and her husband told News Corp.

“When we put it on the bed a few years ago, all of this was brought up and aired in the public, and I felt a little frustrated. Since then I have been moving forward. I think it is a lot unfair to be dragged out again.

Tim and Bonnie Paine
Bonnie Paine | Instagram

“I feel betrayed, I feel hurt, upset, I feel very angry, and I am grateful because he is so honest with me,” She further added.

Bonnie also reacted to Tim’s resignation as Australia’s test captain, saying it was unfair.

“To be honest, my heart is broken,” Bonnie said. “It’s a pity that he feels he has to resign as captain. I just don’t think it’s fair. I feel sorry for him.”

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