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Tim Paine’s statement on resigning Australia’s test captain

Tim Paine’s subsequent statement to reporters in Hobart Resigned as captain of the Australian cricket team On Friday, the Australian cricket governing body accepted a decision:

“Today, I announced that I decided to resign as the captain of the Australian Men’s Test Team. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but it was the right decision for me, my family and cricket.

“As the background of my decision, about four years ago, I participated in a text message exchange with colleagues at the time.

“At the time, the exchange was the subject of a thorough investigation by the California Integrity Department. I fully participated and publicly participated in the entire investigation.

“The investigation and the concurrent Cricket Tasmania (Human Resources) investigation found that there was no violation of Cricket Australia’s Code of Conduct.

“Although I was acquitted, I deeply regretted the incident at the time, and I still do it today. I talked to my wife and family at the time and thanked them for their forgiveness and support.

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“We think this is over and I can fully focus on the team, as I have done for the past three or four years. However, I recently realized that this private text exchange will be made public.

“After reflection, my behavior in 2017 did not meet the standards of the Australian cricket team leader or the wider community. I apologize for the harm and pain caused to my wife, my family and the other party.

“I apologize for any damage this has caused to the reputation of our sport, and I believe that resigning as captain is the right decision, effective immediately.

“I don’t want this to be an unwelcome distraction to the team before the huge Ashes series. I like my role…as the captain of the Australian cricket team.

“Being able to lead the Australian Men’s Test Team is the greatest honor in my sports career.

“I thank my teammates for their support, and I am proud of what we have achieved together. For them, I ask for their understanding and forgiveness.

“For Australian cricket fans, I am deeply sorry, my past actions affected our game on the eve of the Ashes.

“I apologize for the disappointment I caused to the fans and the entire cricket community. I am fortunate to have a beautiful, loving and supportive family, and it breaks my heart to know how much I let them down.

“They have always supported me and are my most loyal fans. I am grateful for their support.

“I will continue to be a loyal member of the Australian cricket team and look forward to a grand tour of the ashes.


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