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Three things that avid fans should be thankful for

The Minnesota Wilds’ season has been an interesting season for fans. They have experienced struggles and comeback victories, including Their most recent shootout victory Against the New Jersey Devils. Thanksgiving in the United States, in this young season, Wild fans have a lot to be thankful for. There are many options, but the main three are related to the team’s low injuries, Kaprizov’s scoring ability, and their goalkeeping.

Injured wild luck

With the recent news of Jared Spurgeon’s lower body injury Over and over, It may be difficult to find a reason to thank Wild’s injury front. However, from the perspective of the entire season, the wild is really lucky. Their main scorer is in good health and has no injuries, and the injured players this season have been absent for a short time.

Jared Spurgeon, Minnesota Wild (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Jordan Greenway is the latest player to return from injury. He has only missed four games because of a sprained ankle.The other players who have been injured but recovered quickly this season are Alex Goligowski and Dmitry KulikovThe Wilderness team is lucky because Goligoski is injured. He is the top defensive partner. Now that Spurgeon is out, they need Goligoski more than ever. Hope Wild will get some better news about Spurgeon, but time will tell.

Kaprizov’s quiet score

Talking all season, Kaprizov didn’t score every game. He may be quiet in scoring, but he has been counting assists throughout the season. Before the game with the New Jersey Devils, Kaprizov had maintained a three-game winning streak, two of which were multi-point games. Because of all these assists, his teammates also profited from goals.

The main Wild players benefiting from Kaprizov are Mats ZucarelloFor most of this season, he has partnered with Kaprizov, and his intensity has reached a new level. For Zuccarello, being in a line with someone who can match his speed and skills helped him get enough points, tied for second place with Ryan Hartman, each with 14 points. In addition to his scoring skills, Kaprizov also has the talent to make others around him better. Zuccarello is an example, Victor Rask and Frederick Gaudreau are two other examples of players who scored in Kaprizov’s pass.

Kirill Kaprizov Minnesota Wild
Kirill Kaprizov, Minnesota Wild (Photo: Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Although Kaprizov did not lead the team in the number of goals, he is still accumulating points and contributing to the victory in other ways. Avid fans should thank him for finding other ways to record points besides scoring. He has also improved the physical fitness of the game. He has hit 23 hits this season, while only 29 hits last season. He has been stalked by opposing players all over the ice and started to protect himself and grab the puck by blocking his body in the road. By adding physical fitness to his resume, he continues to develop his all-around game.

Wilde’s goalkeeping

Wild’s goalkeeper situation is a bit ambivalent. They won because of their goalkeeper, but their goalkeeper statistics are not something to be proud of. Wild should be very grateful to Cam Talbot because he saved many of their victories with amazing saves. His average number of goals (GAA) is not enviable, at 2.87 GAA, and his save rate (SV%) can also be increased to 0.909 SV%.

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He is not the only one who needs to improve the data, Talbot’s substitute Kaapo Kahkonen has already done it Played four games But his data is quite low, only 3.30 GAA and 0.870 SV%. Obviously, both goalkeepers need to solve problems in the game to improve their statistics. These statistics are grateful to the fact that Wild has been able to win the game. Both goalkeepers have winning records, Talbot’s record is 10-5, and Kakonen’s record is 2-1-1. Although the Wild team wants their goalkeepers to have better statistics, as long as they continue to win games, nothing will become a problem.

Wild holiday

The list of Wild fans to thank can go on, but these are the top three.Now that Thanksgiving in the U.S. has arrived, it means The holidays have begun. Santa’s wish list and New Year’s resolutions are coming. The Wild Team will have an important month in December, as they will face some of the top NHL teams, including the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes. This will be a real impact on their team’s skills. test.

Mariah Holland is a Minnesota wild writer for THW and co-host of the THW Youtube show Chicks & Sticks, which produces a new show every Friday. She has been reporting on Wild at THW for more than eight months and has been on Chicks & Sticks since early May. She is always looking for different angles to report on the wilderness and dig deeper into the stories surrounding the team.

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