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Three Montreal Canadiens players who may be traded this season

Eric Bolt-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL’s March 21 trade deadline is still a few months away, but some experts are already considering which players the struggling Montreal Canadiens should start buying. With their season over, let’s take a look at the famous Habs in the rumor factory.

Brendan Gallagher

Anthony Martino of TVA Sports believes In the long run, Gallagher’s annual cap of US$6.25 million reached in 2026-27 will become a burden. He blames the aggressive 29-year-old winger for being selfish this season, but feels that his reputation as a hardworking leader is attractive to some clubs. Martineau believes that Habs will have to keep part of the Gallagher cap, but thinks it is worthwhile to make room on the roster and payroll to bring in young players.

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