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This season the flames should bring back former captain Giordano

Despite the recent decline, Calgary Flame In Darryl Sutter’s view, this team has improved a lot this season. They are playing a good defensive style of hockey and have an offensive talent. This was supported by early Vezina trophy candidate Jacob Markstrom.

At the other end, Seattle siren All around struggling to walk out of the door. Their game is considered their savior, but it is a disaster. Mark Giordano is an expiring unrestricted free agent (UFA), a great leader, and still very capable on the back end.Materkin Advice from Hockey News Giordano can move, Maybe even went to Calgary, so they named him the captain for a strange reason. If Seattle shows no signs of competition in their first season, the team will line up for him this season. If they want to get another asset in return, they have enough ceiling space to accommodate the transaction.

Mark Giordano, Seattle Sea Monster (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

If their first captain is traded this season, the Krakens have leaders that other teams can turn to. In any case, we don’t even know whether he will return to the team after the end of this season. As for defense, who will make the team stand out from the training camp where many young defensive players compete for seats, this is a big topic.

Names like Jeremy Lauzon and Will Borgen There will be more opportunities Because they will be able to get the first six minutes instead of fighting for the seventh defensive position on the roster. In the long run, this is good for Kraken, allowing their youth to have more playing time and prepare for life after Giordano, when they may be expected to be strengthened.

Moving flames will have to defend

Possible inclusions in the transaction with Kraken include Nikita Zadorov Or Eric Goodbranson. Giordano doesn’t have to play his accustomed playing time, other Fire defenders have come forward in his absence and adapt to the fact that he is no longer playing for the team.

There are currently eight defenders, which will have to change some abilities. If this deal happens, the Fire already knows they will have to work by letting Seattle keep part of Giordano’s salary and may not have a complete list of 23 people.

I want the team to send Yusso Valimaki All the way to the American Hockey League Only played seven games Just like before getting a defensive player who surpassed him in the depth chart. They always have a chance that he should compete for full-time NHL playing time next season.

Michael Stone has become more consuming than he is now. He has worn clothes for a game this season. At the end of the season, he is a UFA and has a minimum income of $750,000 in the NHL.

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Giordano will play a role in the second or third pair, and Flames has the ability to make him adapt.He can Bring the presence of a veteran Back to the team. If he comes in and plays in the second pair, he will line up next to Chris Tanev and can choose to swap Rasmus Andersson and Tanev to create a different appearance. If the Flames don’t like that, they can always greatly enhance their depth and allow Giordano to play on the left side of the third pair. No matter what actions they take, Zadorov can play on both sides, and Goodbranson is the right defender.

Giordano brings experience and familiarity to Calgary

The Flames will bring back a beloved player, and everyone is sad to see being exposed and selected in the extended draft. Although this does allow them to sign a few players to replace the one-person cap, they must feel that they are now in the window of competition.

Giordano is a failed free agent. He signed with the Flames and played for the Flames for 14 full seasons and served as the captain for 8 seasons. The Flames will not be ashamed to welcome the reunion of one of the best players in team history.

Mark Giordano Calgary Fire
Mark Giordano, former Calgary Fire captain (Canadian Media/Ben Nelms)

He ranked second in the history of the Fire with 949 games, fifth with 366 assists, and seventh with 509 points. The current Fire team Johnny Gaudlow surpassed his scoring record with 510 points.

Giordano is known for his excellent two-way defense. He has scored more than 10 goals in seven seasons, scored more than 40 points in five seasons, and is also the team leader in shots (1013) and blocks (1746). This season he has not slowed down in a team that has been struggling so far. In 15 games with Kraken, he scored 3 goals, 7 points and more than 1 block in each game.

We may see this deal decline towards the trade deadline, but the Flames should definitely consider bringing back one of the greatest players in team history for the final blow. They have the personnel and abilities to reach another level, and the team has shown that they can dominate the game early.

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