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Thiago ruled out the game between Norwich and Brentford because Liverpool provided the latest news to Alexander Arnold

Red Army assistant coach Pepijn Lijnders revealed that this midfielder and some other players will miss their trip to Carlo Road in the EFL Cup

Liverpool has confirmed that Thiago Alcantara will not play in the next two games against Norwich and Brentford, while providing an update on Trent Alexander-Arnold as he will Continue to recover from the disease.

On Sunday, Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 3-0 at Anfield. Thiago appeared in the top league for the fourth time this season, but had to end at the hour mark after receiving a knock on the door.

Red Army assistant coach Pep Lindes has now revealed that the Spaniard will miss a trip to Norwich in the third round of the EFL Cup on Tuesday and a Premier League meeting with Brentford four days later.

What did you say?

“Tiago, what the coach said after the game was that it was a calf injury. I can’t say how long it will take now, but it’s definitely not tomorrow, nor the weekend,” Lindes told Liverpool. Official website.

“Let’s get the scan results back and we have the correct diagnosis. It is also a pity, because he is in charge of the game. In my opinion, he is a suitable organizer. It is a pity that we miss him.”

Where is Alexander Arnold?

Jurgen Klopp’s assistant continued to discuss the availability of Alexander Arnold, After falling ill shortly before kickoff, he did not participate in the Red Army’s victory over the palace.

Lindes ruled out the possibility of a full-back return in the game against Norwich, but he believes he will return to Brentford in time.

“Our game basically started at 12 o’clock against the Palace; it is his responsibility to talk to the doctor,” he said. “It’s not easy, because these guys—say a lot to our team anyway—they want to play everything, [even] If they feel a little unstable or uncomfortable, but he takes the responsibility.

“There are no symptoms of the new crown virus. We will do the test anyway. He should be well in a few days, but Norwich came too early.”

Other team news

Liverpool will not have Roberto Firmino when facing Norwich, but the club said the Brazilian “will resume training this week after missing the last three games due to a hamstring problem.”

Neco Williams is still coming back after his injury. Linders added: “Bobby will be doing part of the team training but is not ready yet. He is going well. Neco is also going well. [For him] Tomorrow is too early. “

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