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‘They feel it and it hurts me’: David Warner details how his fans react after SRH omission

australian superstar David Warner Had a terrible time in the last edition Indian Premier League (IPL). Warner who once led SHyderabad (SRH) They won their only title in 2016, Dismissed in IPL 2021.

Not only was Warner removed from the captaincy, but he also didn’t have enough opportunities to play as a player in the “Oranges.”

Warner was also released from the Sunrise team before the player submitted a reservation application for next season.

The southpaw, who has scored over 500 runs in all six seasons leading up to IPL 2021, recently opened up about the franchise’s abuse from Hyderabad. The “dynamite” said he was “wounded” by the actions of SRH management as sacking a captain sent the wrong message to the entire squad, especially the youngsters.

“If you were to give up a captain and then not select him for the team after what he did, what message would that send to the little kids on the team? What message would that send to the rest of the group? I’m sad that other people are now thinking, ‘Oh, this could have happened to me’,” Warner told Boria Mazumda in his chat show ‘Boria’s Backstage’.

The NSW cricketer further spoke about the impact of his sudden exit on Sunrisers fans, saying it was not good for SRH’s overall brand. He emphasized the importance of “icon players” in franchises that help build brands. Warner mentioned that his fans are heavily influenced by SRH decisions that hurt him the most because he doesn’t want to lose touch with them.

“It’s the pain that I know will hit the fans. They’re franchises. They grow your brand. The greatest teams in the world have idol players. I’ve been there a long time. Kane Williamson is there. It’s been a long time, and so has Buffneshwar. You build a brand, and you move forward with that brand.”

“They really felt it and it hurt me because I was so passionate about where I was playing. I would connect with fans in any way because I know how important fans are. Larter, myself, Williamson, Steve Smith’s kids — you name these players, they want to be us. We have to connect with them. If they see something like this, it hurts them ,” Warner added.

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