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There are few wins in Sabres’ 2021-22 schedule

As with most recent seasons, the Buffalo Sabres have a difficult schedule. It has nothing to do with the top rival clusters in key areas or the loading of the Atlantic Division; it has to do with the continued rebuilding of the team. There are still some key dates on the calendar that need to be marked. In fact, every game of every team is worth looking forward to, because players and fans are looking forward to a full season for the first time since the 2018-19 season.

The Sabres have a tough road ahead in the fully loaded Atlantic Division

The last season Buffalo surpassed .500 was the 2012-13 season, two years have passed since the last playoff appearance. From 2013 to 2018, Sabre fans realized that their season ended early and the team’s average winning percentage was 0.468. However, in 2018-19, there is still hope. Buffalo has won 17 of the first 25 games and scored 10 consecutive victories. Then they lost two games in March. In the 2019-20 season, the team showed hope. Despite their hot start, they almost reached the 0.500 mark at the end of the season. Then there was an 18-game losing streak in the 2020-21 season, and things returned to a frustrating normal state.

The great thing about the new season is that when every team has the same record, there is always hope. Weird impossible results are always possible, but Sabre should focus on improvement, and after last season, this shouldn’t be difficult. Yes, it shouldn’t, but the above weird impossible results can go both ways.

The divisions are back to normal, apparently without sponsorship, so standardized intervals for familiar enemies will be welcomed. It is best if every game is not a confrontational game. The Atlantic Division will be tough, especially considering that it contains the 2021 Stanley Cup finalists. NHL will be suspended from February 3 to 22 until Allow players to represent their country At the Winter Olympics.

Although February is strange and the division is cruel, there are still many important games that need attention for Sabres fans.

October 14th vs. Montreal Canadiens

There is nothing better than last season’s home and season opener with opponents in the Stanley Cup finals. Montreal had a magical run that was a difficult draw for Buffalo from the start. Or is it? The Canadians may have taken advantage of the changed playoffs, do not have to face non-Canadian teams before the semifinals, and there is a lot to prove this season.

October 22 against the Boston Bruins

Buffalo welcomed another legendary competitor to KeyBank Center early. The Sabres’ record against the Bruins last season was 1-6-1. After the trade, they played a lot of games with Taylor Hall, so the storyline lost its luster.

Linus Ulmark Buffalo Sabre
Linus Ulmark is a member of the Buffalo Sabres. The goalkeeper signed with the Boston Bruins as a free agent in the summer. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Linus Ullmark is the new Taylor Concert Hall.goalkeeper Join the Bruins as a free agent In the summer, this will be his first return to Buffalo.

October 25th vs. Tampa Bay Chargers

The defending champions visited Buffalo in their two consecutive official tournament championships. The Sabres avoided any matchup with the Tampa Bay Chargers last season, but this will be the first of three games in the 2021-22 season. Unfortunately, this is a hypothesis and the Chargers will be motivated to prove that they shouldn’t have an asterisk next to their titles in the past two years. There shouldn’t be one, but other members of the alliance should look forward to the same old Tampa Bay.

October 28 @Anaheim Ducks

This is not to form some kind of strange doomsday competition between the two teams with the fewest league points last season. This game only marked the Sabres’ early four games on the West Coast.

November 4 @ Seattle海妖

The above four games ended in Seattle. This will be the first game between the teams, and the Sabres will shake hands with their old friend Wilbergen.this The defender was selected by the Kraken During the NHL expansion draft in July.

If Seattle imitates the achievements of the Vegas Golden Cavaliers in their first season, it will be a difficult matchup.

November 12th vs. Edmonton Oilers

This game is to be determined.If Jack Eichel Trade at some point Beforehand, then ignore. If not, fans will watch the top two picks of the 2015 NHL Draft for the 11th time.

Buffalo leads the Connor McDavid-Eichel series 6-4. Everyone missed one of the 10 games, but Eichel’s performance was better than McDavey. He has 11 points (6 goals and 5 assists) and a positive 1 rating, while the former No. 1 overall has 8 points (3 goals and 5 assists) and a negative 4 rating.

In addition, McDavid did not score in five head-to-head games, while Echel did not score, only twice.

Vs. Toronto Maple Leafs on November 13

The Toronto Maple Leafs faced Buffalo for the first time in the 2021-22 season. The two teams did not meet last season, but the crossover wrote their bitter history on the procedures. No matter what the result is, it is a beautiful scene. The Maple Leafs currently ranks fourth with +1200 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

November 21 @New York Rangers

This means the first in-state competition. The Sabres played against the New York Rangers eight times last season, and the City Boys have a 4-2-2 record against the Westerners. The right to brag is being contested.

Vs. Seattle Kraken on November 29

Buffalo fans saw Kraken’s sweater up close for the first time. There may also be a series of new competitions here. First, both teams may be below average, which in turn makes it possible for them to perform well at the same time. In addition, these teams are the northernmost NHL cities in the United States on their respective coasts. Yes, Buffalo is not on the Atlantic coast, but New York State is.

In addition, even though the team has played against him, the fans should extend a warm welcome to Bogen. It is difficult for any team to lose a player in the expansion draft.

December 2 @Florida Black Panthers

Sam Reinhardt Traded to the Florida Panthers July 24. In return, the Sabres received goalkeeper Devin Levy and a conditional first-round pick in 2022. This will be the first time Reinhardt has faced his old team.

Dec. 22 vs. Colorado Avalanche

As mentioned earlier, Maple Leafs is fourth in odds to win the Cup. The most popular is the star-studded Colorado avalanche. Sabres fans welcome Nathan MacKinnon and others to the KeyBank Center to watch an interesting hockey show.

Against the New York Islanders on December 27

Buffalo got the first shot in the game against other city boys. Last season, the Sabres beat the Islanders 2-6-0, and the New York team is ready for another good year. However, when competitors in the state gather together, anything can happen.

January 1, 2022 @Boston Bruins

After the pandemic in the past two years, the beginning of 2022 is expected to bring a sense of joy. The Sabres will restart their game against the Bruins on New Year’s Day. Since most fans are sitting at home and may recover from the celebration the previous night, the ratings for this competitive game should be high.

January 22, 2022 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

It took almost half a season, but Buffalo met Philadelphia for the first time. The Sabres team’s record against the Flyers last season was 3-3-2. This will also be the first match against Rasmus Ristolainen. Was traded to the flyer July 23.

Rasmus Ristolainen Buffalo Sabre
Rasmus Ristolainen is a member of the Buffalo Sabres. The guard was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers in the summer. (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

The guard spent eight seasons in Buffalo. In 542 games, he recorded 245 points with a shocking career score of minus 163. The deal did not get a enthusiastic response from Philadelphia fans, but what is it?

January 25, 2022 @ Ottawa Senator

Although this season may be difficult, it will be the toughest period so far. Buffalo’s seven road trips include three games against Colorado, Vegas and three of the top four in the Toronto Stanley Cup. Ippi.

Wild against Minnesota on March 4, 2022

Write down this date to relieve stress. The road trip ends and five home games begin. Unfortunately, Minnesota has no shortage of slack, Florida, Vegas and Toronto have come to this city one after another. At least, deep breathing is a good thing.

March 7, 2022 against the Florida Panthers

Speaking of the game with the Panthers, Reinhardt will make his debut in Buffalo. On ice, that’s it. He might visit in person at some point, we just don’t know, it would be weird if we did.

Sam Reinhart Buffalo Sabre
Sam Reinhart is a member of the Buffalo Sabres. The center was traded to the Florida Panthers in the summer. (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In his seven seasons as the Sabre, the center scored 295 points.The crowd might help him, depending on How bad is the goalkeeper’s situation So far, perhaps Levy made his debut against his previous team. Extremely impossible, but we can dream of a more dramatic narrative.

Against the Chicago Blackhawks on April 29, 2022

Buffalo played against Chicago in the final game of the season, and unless we talked about the weird impossible result, it will also mark the beginning of their offseason. This chapter’s reconstruction work ends here.

What should the Sabres team expect in the 2021-22 season?

As marginal veterans plan to fill in between the pipelines, Multi-position warfare, And the imminent uncertainty surrounding Eichel, this year will be difficult. The good news is that Buffalo fans are used to it. The bad news is that Buffalo fans have won the right to be impatient at this point.

Yes, Eichel’s hauling will be good, but it will only make Sabers back up longer. For Buffalo, this is a good season to see what they have in the prospect pool and provide some experience for young people. Maybe the prospect can help the Sabres play a destructive role in the extension of other teams. This has been going on for a long time, but for now, supporters should accept the inevitable and have some fun in the process.

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