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The Vegas Golden Cavaliers can use Zak Parise on their roster

The Vegas Golden Cavaliers may now be looking to the East for a player who can inspire their collective fantasy.New York Islanders forward Zach Pariser Finding himself in a nightmare situation, considering what he provided on the ice and in the accounting books, this might be music for Cavaliers general manager Kelly McLemon.

It shouldn’t be like this. That’s far away. There should be celebrations, parties, goals and assists-not this. This is terrible. Entering the 2021-22 season, the Islanders hope to establish their strength in the NHL and show their ambitions in the playoffs.The season is far from over, when the achievements of 2019 St. Louis Blues Considering that it seems too early to press the emergency button. Nonetheless, the hope of the Stanley Cup is slowly disappearing, and the management of the islanders may begin to look to the future.

At the same time, after being bought out by the Minnesota Wilds last summer for a 13-year, $98 million contract, Pariser still has a lot to prove. With four years left on his contract, the 37-year-old Minnesota native must be upset about Wild’s decision to leave his service. Under such circumstances, the waves of frustration experienced by players will usually be resolved and replaced by new motivations-the desire to make skills and talents that your previous organization did not see become undeniable in the world.

Zach Parise, New York Islander (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

But entering the season’s 17 games, the Islanders ranked last in the Metropolitan Division. Injuries ruined the team. It has been two years since Parise has scored 25 goals in a season, and his name has only 3 assists. But he is a godsend and a typical leader in the locker room, right? This makes up for it, doesn’t it? Yes, kind of. But in the end, no matter how many captains you stay on the Titanic, once it hits an iceberg, it will sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Considering what happened to Paris and his buyout, the sea floor is not the place he wants. His professional clock is ticking. In fact, at this stage, a person with his cache can be better deployed elsewhere, and the Cavaliers of the Pacific Division may be the ideal choice.

Zac Pariser can provide hat relief

The Golden Knight has found Own pretzel in finance. Their estimated upper limit is $91,938,227. Although there are currently several Cavaliers players who have both the Injured Reserve (IR) and the Long-Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) status-this provides a ceiling relief advantage, but McCrimon will eventually be unable to Do not solve this financial problem in the room. This may mean redistribution of minor leagues, may allow players to walk at the end of the season, or deal with problematic contracts.

Zach Pariser, Minnesota Wild
Zach Parise, with Minnesota Wild (provided by Canadian Press)

The Islanders signed a one-year contract with Parise worth $750,000 this season. If the team continues its terrible chaos, they may be willing to trade him. Interestingly, the situation of the islanders may be beneficial to Vegas and vice versa. Several players on the Golden Cavaliers became unrestricted free agents at the end of the season. Among these players is Riley Smith, who made $5 million in this campaign. Replacing Parise with Smith makes sense on multiple levels. Of course, trading may depend on several factors. For example, unless Smith agrees to re-sign, the islanders may not want to agree to the transaction.

However, by doing so, McCrimmon will move in the direction of cap compliance, which will not happen soon. In fact, it is almost certain that if Pariser ends in black and gold, the sum effect will be much greater than the part.

Pariser meets the needs of the Golden Knights

I recently wrote an article about the gap in the size of the crater The departure of Ryan Reeves led to In the locker room and lineup in Las Vegas. What Reeves provided for the team went beyond paper statistics. His presence unites his team.he is a “glue.” Players like him are not common in the league, but they are common on the championship roster. Although Pariser did not bring a bruised body, he did fit the description of a “locker room guy”.

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Pariser performed well during the season and he is also an invaluable treasure in the dressing room. He knows when to joke with men, And when to motivate and lead. He can be full-service or charming and personable. He is very adaptable.

John Gibson, Zach Pariser
Zach Parise, with Minnesota Wild (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Adaptability. This is the key. Some changes have taken place in Las Vegas this year. The Las Vegas hospital ward has always been a revolving door for the Golden Cavaliers players.This means that players like this Chandler Stephenson Had to move up and down in the lineup and accept the uncertainty. In his heyday, Parise was a skilled scorer. His resume had several 30 and 40 season goals, but today he is filling a hole in a sinking ship and He is required to contribute wherever he is assigned.

Imagine inserting a capable player next to William Carlson and then Jonathan Malceso In the second line; the damage caused by this line is comparable to the best second line in the league. Or how about deploying him in the third line with Stephenson and Nolan Patrick? Pariser is accustomed to being bounced around and has the maturity, mental strength and leadership thinking to take any task seriously.

Another captain in the desert

The Cavaliers have one of the best leadership cores in the league. This is one of the team’s most valuable assets.Jack Eichel, Max Pacioretti and Alex Pietrangeello “C” is worn in the NHL, and Mark Stone currently wears it in Vegas. Has the NHL seen five captains on the same team? This would be the case if Pariser, who was captain of the New Jersey Devils in the 2011-12 season, joined the team before the trade deadline. Oh, Parise also wore a “C” for the U.S. Olympic team in 2014. This guy is a natural leader. It is almost certain that this kind of leadership and character on and under the ice will be incredibly rewarding in the desert.

Pariser was motivated to recover and succeeded. He strongly stated His career is not over yet, and he still has a lot to offer to an organization. The experiment failed in New York. But this is not necessarily the headline news of the 2021-22 season in Paris.

If Vegas starts to trade the former captain, this deal will not only bring a salary advantage, but may also become a tipping point, immediately transforming the Golden Cavaliers from a playoff team into a cup championship.

Just some food for thought, McCrimon.

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