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The Vancouver Canucks need to find roster space for Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey should be in the lineup now. The former second-round pick was one of the few highlights of the Vancouver Canucks’ game against the Minnesota Wilds on Tuesday, and his efforts are impressive. He could play a role on a nightly basis and won the opportunity to be part of the NHL roster.

Bailey is impressed by AHL

Bailey started the season with the Abbotsford Canucks and restarted the 2019-20 season, becoming one of the most dangerous players in the American Hockey League.He scored six points and scored in the first five games First home goal In the home opener in Abbotsford. After assisting the overtime winner, he was named the second star of the game.

Bailey stood out very early in his work Develop his overall gameHe has always been an important part of Abbotsford’s special team and has had a chemical reaction with Nic Petan and Phillip Di Giuseppe. Bailey is known for his speed, he did not give up the game, and always put pressure on the outpost. His attention to detail and his continuous development won him a call for the Canucks to participate in their home opener against the wild team.

Bailey’s first NHL game of the 2021-22 season

In the game on Tuesday, Pele performed well in proactive shooting and scored a penalty kick. Blocked three shots Although only played at 10:06. Canucks coach Travis Green also used him in penalty shootouts with JT Miller. More importantly, he did not cause any critical errors, and the whole game was full of energy. He passed the vision test, but does the analysis support it?

Justin Bailey Vancouver Canucks (Photo: Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pele and Juho Lammikko (Juho Lammikko) started the match on the fourth row, Alex KiasenUnfortunately, this line is mostly enclosed in their own area, which helps his 38.89% graded coursesHowever, when he was with more offensive players, he also helped generate some offense. In 2:25 of the 5-on-5 ice time with Bo Horvat, Bailey recorded 50% of Corsi, completed two shots and created a high-risk scoring opportunity. Essentially, his statistics on the wild team show that he can produce, but only if he can’t go all out to deal with most offenses.

If Justin Bailey can play the role of an ordinary PK person, it will completely change the choice of #Canucks and his prospects for staying in the NHL. Have a good start.

However, the most impressive part of Pele’s game was the penalty kick. In the last game, he never hit a penalty kick for more than 2 minutes and 04 seconds; that game was also against the Canucks in October 2017.In his season debut, he trailed the second-ranked forward in free throw percentage by 2:15. JT Miller. During that time, he blocked a shot and restricted the Wilds to one shot, which was not even recorded as a scoring opportunity because it was a shot from the wrist on the blue line.

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The two cooperated very well, not only limiting shots, but also putting pressure on the opposing team. With Vancouver’s usual free throw shooters Justin Dowling, Taylor Mott and Jason Dickinson recovering from injuries, this is an opportunity for Bailey to shine.He can occupy a place in the team through more performances, such as He was against the opposition.

Who should Bailey play with?

The Canucks are still tinkering with their route, but Pele needs to play with more offensive players. He can defend well, but as mentioned earlier, he has not developed the ability to become an online offensive player.Based on this, his perfect partner will be Niels HoaglandBoth sides have played a hard game of prediction that can drive the opponent crazy. They can partner with Miller as their center, creating a third line that can compete with anyone. We already know that Miller and Bailey work well together, so why not try these three in a 5-on-5 fashion?

“When Justin Bailey is a little rant, when he sometimes feels uncomfortable, he will play this, I think he plays better.” 🗣️ Trent Cull #AbbotsfordCanucks

Regardless of his position in the lineup, the team needs to keep him away from Chiasson. At 3:55 on ice, Bailey’s Corsi score was 16.67%, while leading 6-2. Green needs to give him a chance to succeed. Putting him in the fourth position may hinder his development.

Bailey raises the bar

Although Pele has played five games for the Canucks in the past three seasons, this is his most complete game. He has shown that when he is in a position of success, he can deliver. From the penalty kick to the outpost, his game has no obvious flaws. If he continues to provide a performance like Tuesday night, he may become a regular in the NHL at the end of the season.

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