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The understaffed Ottawa 67 team cannot match the talented North Bay Camp

The Ottawa 67 team of the Ontario Hockey League has been very popular recently, even without the team’s top scorer, Jack BakerSitting at the top of the Eastern Conference standings, they clashed with the North Bay Camp, which was understaffed than before, on Thursday night. The last time the two teams met was when the 67 team separated after Dylan Robinson’s penalty kick, but this time they will not be so lucky.For the second time in a few weeks, in the 67s Lose a game 3-0, A less-than-ideal way to start the weekend.

Bélanger In, Varga, Beck, Johnston Out

When announcing the lineup before the game, there are many important things to pay attention to, but we can start from the positive side. For the first time in 2021-22, Alec Beranger Participated in the competition after undergoing hand surgery before the season. His return adds a much-needed level of experience to the blue line. Bélanger returned to the lineup and played 88 games in the league, scoring 40 points.

Alec Beranger, 67 years old in Ottawa (Terry Wilson / OHL Images)

Looking at the time Berranger has spent on ice since the pandemic, you wouldn’t be too surprised if he starts the season slowly. However, Thursday night was nothing to him because he looked like the senior defender that 67 people need him to be. How important it is to get Bélanger back on the whole cannot be overemphasized, but for this weekend, especially when many other things go wrong.

Started to be negative, Thomas Johnston Suspended due to a spinning kick penalty in Oshawa last weekend. At least it can be said that this penalty is problematic. It looks more like a collision than a deliberate and dangerous game. Nevertheless, in any case, the penalty kick was announced, and according to the rules, it was automatically a penalty kick and was suspended for two games. He will also miss Friday’s game in Sudbury.

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Adam Varga, The only overage person on the list, suffers upper body injuries every day. If you just look at the data sheet, you might not think that losing Varga is a huge blow because he has not scored at a crazy pace this season, but we are talking about the 67-year-old oldest player and they only have 20 years old. For such a young team, it is difficult to lose such experience, and when the situation becomes difficult, Dave Cameron does not have the veteran to look forward to.

In the end, the 67-man team still lacks players who many consider their best striker Baker. He started the season very hotly, scoring 11 goals and contributing 6 assists in the first 12 games. None of their three veteran forwards played the game, which means that the already very young 67-man team is younger. Facing a talented battalion, they opposed it from the beginning. The team will not use this as an excuse, but it is clear that this is an important factor on Thursday night.

Ranvir Gill-Shane injured and left

At the end of the second period, Ranvir Gill-Shane He received a heavy blow along the board and immediately left the game due to some kind of injury. The team has not yet made any updates on what the problem is, or even if the injury has been resolved, but if Gil Shane is forced to be absent for a period of time, the team may be under some pressure.

In the North Bay game, only one healthy player is eligible to enter the lineup, and that is rookie guard Matthew Meic. This will once again trade age and experience for another rookie, which is something 67 people might not want to do. Due to injuries this season, they are struggling and seem to be looking for experienced players as victims.

Cranley will close the door

If you can look at the most impressive player of the season in this 67-man lineup, the answer will be clear; it is Wilk LangleyIn the past few seasons, he played a backup role behind Cedrick Andree, when he entered this season as a starter, some people questioned what kind of person he will become. The prospect of the St. Louis Blues has put those doubters to sleep, and he is beginning to hear his name in conversations with OHL’s best goalkeeper.

Will Cranley Ottawa 67 years old
Wilk Langley in the 67s in Ottawa. Photo courtesy of Terry Wilson/OHL Images.

On Thursday night, despite the loss, Cranley performed well again. He stopped 24 of the 27 shots made by the brigade and made countless key saves at critical moments. None of the three goals he scored that night was terrible, and you really can’t blame him for the goals he allowed, especially when he made such a save.

Wins and losses may not indicate that he has performed well this season, but anyone who has taken the time to watch this season’s games knows that he has been as solid as a rock outside of Kingston’s season opener. Every night, he gave the team a chance to win the game. This kind of goalkeeper will win when they are healthy again, but for a team where the 67-man team freezes on Thursday night, this will place a lot of demands on young children.

Forward and upward

For the 67 people this season, it is not uncommon for the weekend to start slowly, but it is not because of lack of effort or poor performance this time. They are very competitive and have a chance to score, but without a veteran, they can’t complete the task.Next is a Take the bus to Sudbury Competing with the Wolves, the 67 players defeated the Wolves 7-4 in their last match. If they can score a fair goal, they have a good chance to win the game and earn points from the trip to the north.

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