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The UK assesses the safety of a trip to Pakistan

A few hours after New Zealand cancelled the cricket tour against Pakistan, England’s scheduled tour of this Asian country was questioned. The European Central Bank stated that it would assess the ground situation in this conflict-torn country, and in the next 48 years. Decide hours on the series.

new Zealand Decided to withdraw his team from Pakistan Just before the first day of international competition after the Cricket Committee received a security threat. England plans to go to Rawalpindi in October to send two “2020 International” players. This will be its first visit to Pakistan since 2005.

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“We are aware that New Zealand has decided to withdraw from the Pakistan Tour due to a security alert. We are in contact with our security team on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation,” the England and Wales Cricket Commission (ECB) said in a statement.

The statement further read: “The European Central Bank’s board of directors will decide within the next 24-48 hours whether our planned tour should continue.”

The cancellation of the New Zealand Tour is a major setback for Pakistan’s international cricket revival. The main test country has not yet made a full trip to Pakistan.

The West Indies plan to travel to Pakistan later this year. Australia will also visit Pakistan early next year.

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