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The stars finally found consistency in the lineup

consistency. In the past few seasons, the Dallas Stars has been using this term. Whether in their game or in the face of the lineup, consistency has escaped this team. However, in the past two weeks, this consistency has been discovered, as the star team has won five of the past six games while always launching the same lineup.

The star’s top line sets the tone

Rupp Sintz, Jason Robertson and Joe Pavelsky Has established his own top line, which can be traced back to last season. After a slow start, They recently found their game, Lead this team. Their success continued last night, as Pavelsky scored two goals within 19 seconds of the first quarter, pushing Dallas into the driver’s seat against the Colorado Avalanche at home. The trio scored four points that night, setting the tone for the rest of the lineup.

The offense provided by this top line is important not only on the scoreboard, but also on the rest of the line. When they play well, it can relieve the pressure of the veterans, while allowing Rick Bowness to freely find the most suitable candidates with the remaining nine forwards. After some shuffles at the beginning of the season, he found the chemistry they had been looking for.

For Dallas, the lineup has no “bottom line”

The rest of the lineup has benefited from the success of the top line. In fact, although many teams have a large gap between the two lines, the star team believes that they have four teams that can play with anyone in the league.

“The five people worked very well together, the lines have been settled, they have a little chemistry now. Guys are working, this is the result.”

—— Star forward Joe Pavelsky

Jamie Ben At the end of last season, he was transferred back to center and achieved success. In the past five games, he has scored three goals, and his appearance has allowed new teammates Michael Lavre and Dennis Gulyanov to play the best role. They have been playing the best of the season. Stable hockey. Gulyanov also added a strong play last night, extending the star team’s lead in the second quarter to 3-0.

Dallas Stars center Roope Hintz and Jamie Benn (AP Photo/Sam Hodde)

The remaining two lines are where most of the changes have been made. Taylor Seguin As Bowness continued to work hard to perform at his best, he worked with Benn and Alexander Radulov to succeed at the beginning of the season. Now, with Benn’s return to the center position and the success of other forwards, Seguin’s playing time has decreased because he has played alongside Luke Glendening and Joel Kiviranta in slightly different roles. Although Seguin or his team didn’t have much offense, they played well overall and continued to allow Bowness to launch four lines every night.

“We put Jamie in the center, which affected all their ice time. Jamie did a good job at center, so there is no reason to take it away. The ropes [Hintz] To be our best striker again, and [Radek Faksa] Having done so many good things, it cut the ice age for others. We said when we were doing that once you put Jamie in the middle, someone’s ice time will be affected. “

– Stars coach Rick Bowness

Radek Faksa is the last piece in the middle of the star team that now finds himself in the center position. Before Cogliano signed with the San Jose Sharks, Faksa had been combining the famous “FCC” lineup with Andrew Cogliano and Blake Comeau for many years, and Comeau was relegated to the American Hockey League this season. Now, in the offensive group alongside rookie Jacob Peterson and veteran Alexander Radulov, Faksa has a greater chance to use his complete two-way game.

Last but not least, the defense also benefits from a more consistent pairing. At the back end, John Klingberg and Ryan Suter finally found their chemistry, and Miro Heiskanen and Esa Lindell did the same. With Andrej Sekera, Joel Hanley and Jani Hakapnaa rotating into the group, the consistency of the lineup has run through the entire lineup from top to bottom, bringing a better overall game to Dallas.

Star consistency leads to results

With this consistency, the result comes out. Dallas has found its own game, winning five of the past six games and leading its opponents by a big score. They continue to dominate the faceoff spot, limit the opponent’s chances of scoring, and finish the game on the other end of the ice.If you look back Early October And in November, none of this is true. Dallas has been shooting, winning, winning, and it takes every effort to find the net.

In the home stands of the three games, the Stars played at home against St. Louis, Edmonton and Colorado. These teams have a total record of 32-14-3 and a scoring rate of 0.684. On the offensive end, these three are in the top 10. The star team led 3-0-0, with a total score of 11-3.

In addition to chemistry, this consistent lineup increases trust from start to finish, allowing Dallas to play their true identities. They stifled opponents both in the frontcourt and in the defensive zone, their goalkeepers were excellent, made major saves when needed, and they kept finding goals through turnovers and conversions at the other end. Does this remind you of anything? Maybe it’s similar to a star team defeating three opponents on the way to the 2020 Stanley Cup final in Edmonton?

“I think this is just to show how good we are on the defensive end,” said the star goalkeeper Jack Ottinger when asked. Defeat the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche. “If you look at the scoring opportunities, I don’t think the two teams have too many opportunities. Especially for such a team, they seem to get some freebies every game. They are just that good. But we didn’t provide anything. These guys have done a great job defensively. I think if you look back at when we reached the final two years ago, we are now playing like that team, we just have to keep going.”

As the star team continues to occupy a place in the standings, the goal will be to continue playing with the same intensity and consistency for 60 minutes each night. If they can do this, they will be able to build more chemistry and win many hockey games for the rest of the season.

Sam Nestler is the Dallas Star contributor for “Hockey Writers.” Sam grew up in New Jersey and has been playing hockey since he was 7 years old. Sam loved to write in college, using his hockey knowledge to analyze and write articles on all aspects of the game. Sam also hosted his own podcast on Spotify, the “Slapshot Sammy” podcast, breaking the NHL and NCAA actions.View podcast hereAnd read his latest article!

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