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The PGA Tour will adopt local rules to limit the length of the driver

The governing body of golf announced a new local rule that allows high-level championships to limit the driver length to 46 inches.

This rule is called the “local rule model” and will take effect on January 1, 2022. The PGA Tour said on Tuesday that it would adopt the rule, which does not apply to putting.

In the months leading up to the announcement, the U.S. Golf Association and R&A received feedback from players, equipment representatives, and various professional tournaments.

Bryson DeChambeauLeading the PGA Tour in terms of driving distance has tried to use a 48-inch driver. Phil MickelsonUse the 47½ inch driver to win the PGA Championship Criticize potential actions last month.

“This is too pessimistic,” Mickelson said on Twitter in August. “First, it promotes a shorter and more violent swing (prone to injury) and does not allow arc length to create speed. In our first golf boom, our amateur government agencies have been trying to make it less so. interesting.”

As this is a local rule, amateurs will not be prohibited from using the longer driver for handicap purposes. Regular games are unlikely to invoke this rule; golf makers will not mass-produce drivers longer than 46 inches in length.

There are many “local rules” in the rule book, which allow the game to be played in different ways at different levels. When there are problems with the game conditions, the tour often invokes local rules, called “preferred lie” or “lift, clean and place.” Professional tournaments (except for the PGA of the United States) refer to the “one ball rule”, which requires players to use the same brand and brand of balls in a round of competition.

“We work closely with our industry partners to ensure that the future of golf remains strong,” said Mike Wan, CEO of the U.S. Golf Association, who announced the change along with R&A. “It is true that this is not an’answer’ to the overall distance debate/question, but a simple solution to a competitive event.

“It is important to note that it is not a’golf rule’, so it is not a mandatory requirement for ordinary recreational golfers. On the contrary, it is an available tool for those running competitive events.”

The PGA Tour said in a statement that it has investigated the use of clubs in all tournaments and “found that a very small number of players have used or are currently using clubs larger than 46 inches” and that its Player Advisory Committee has previously reviewed this problem. Decided to implement local rules on January 1.


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