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The Ottawa Senator can correct Matt Murray’s mistake by targeting these three goalkeepers

When Ottawa senator Trading Matt Murray during the 2020 NHL Draft, which looks very appropriate. The two-time Stanley Cup champion’s trade value is low, despite his previous success in Pittsburgh. Defeated by Tristan Jarry, he had one or two offseasons, but his performance in the playoffs over the years has cemented his position as a key goalkeeper.

Regardless of his past success, the senator made a mistake in trading Murray and made a bigger mistake in signing him a four-year, $25 million contract.

Senator Matt Murray of Ottawa (Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As an interesting comparison, let’s take a look at Cam Ward’s career.

(For reference, the following are their surprisingly similar career statistics: Ward’s career save percentage (SV%) is 0.908; Murray’s is 0.911. Ward’s career average goals (GAA) is 2.74; Mu Thunder’s is 2.75.)


Ward’s career trajectory is similar to Murray. Ward entered the NHL at the age of 21 and won the Stanley Cup in his rookie season and achieved good results at Conn Smythe. After that, he had several good statistical years, reaching a career high of 0.923 SV% in the 2010-11 season.

Hurricane camward
Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricane, March 1, 2018 (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

But in the next few years, Ward faced injury problems. Lingering lower body injuries in the two years he played only 47 games. Eventually, he ended his decent career, but never returned to the first year to win the Cup level.

Back to Murray

Although Murray has had a very good career so far, he is no longer himself since he scored 29-14-6 in the 2018-19 season with 0.919 SV% and 2.69 GAA.He has a lingering concussion problem and recently took Knee to head From everyone’s favorite cyber disruptor Chris Kreider.

Throughout the entire process the senators tried to support him, he just wasn’t consistent enough.They hired one New goalkeeper coach Last April, I hope to bring about some changes in his game. It may be too early to give him up, but the deal and signing are definitely a mistake. If there is a chance to recover part of his value, there are some realistic choices in the market.

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Linus Ulmark

Linus Ulmark Slow start in Boston. His 0.903 SV% and 3.01 GAA need to be improved. The Bruins lost Craig this offseason, but can still compete for the Stanley Cup in the playoffs. They need to get more balls from him, which may make him a victim.

Linus Ulmark, Boston Bruins
Linus Ulmark, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

This season, Ulmark was defeated by his young opponent Jeremy Swiman. This is similar to the situation where Murray was traded from the Penguins. However, the main difference between Murray and Ulmak is that Ulmak has no history of serious injuries. In addition, he also showed that he can support a poor team to win as he did in Buffalo last season.

Currently, his transaction value is a bit low, with his upper limit of $5 million instead of Murray’s $6.25 million. The potential one-to-one exchange reminds me of Milan Lucic’s deal with James Neal a few years ago; two low-value, high-income players are looking for a changing environment. The senator may have to invest in a low-level prospect or late draft pick to sweeten the deal.

Daniel Vladal

Daniel Vladal This year has ushered in a hot start in Calgary. After an off-season trade from Boston, he has 0.933 SV% and 1.96 GAA. He was a great find for the Flames, who now have one of the best punches or two in the NHL with him and Jacob Markstrom.

Dan ruler Calgary Flame
Dan Vladal, Calgary Flames (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

However, Vladar’s trading risk is slightly greater than Ullmark. He was never a legitimate NHL starter, but he did achieve a lot of AHL success. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall, has a good build, and he is only 24 years old. His contract expires after the 2022-23 season and he may be consumed due to Markstrom’s outstanding performance so far.

The best strategy to acquire Vladar is to continue to monitor his performance and possibly transfer him later in the season or offseason until he becomes a restricted free agent in 2023. His cap is $750,000, which provides excellent senator value.

Eric Comri

Eric Comri In the past few years, the adoption of minors and exemptions has had its ups and downs. He played for the Arizona Coyotes, Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils before returning to the Winnipeg Jets with a one-year contract this year.

Eric Comri Winnipeg Jets
Eric Comrie, Winnipeg Jets (Photo: Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

But so far, the 26-year-old has performed well in 2021, with an SV% of 0.926 and a GAA of 1.98. This is a small sample size, but his AHL ancestry is also very reliable. Like Vladal, he did not have the experience of becoming the first goalkeeper, but he has shown potential throughout his career.

He has signed a one-year contract for $750,000 and may be listed immediately at a suitable price. He was a risky choice, but if the senators wait a bit and see how he performs, he might be a good addition before the deadline.

other options

The senator may not be fascinated by any of these three goalkeepers. But they didn’t do better with Murray, Murray was often injured and paid too high a salary. In the past, he has proven that he is a key goalkeeper, but if he can’t play steadily to get the Senators into the playoffs, his key playoff performance can be ignored.

If they leave him, they can adopt a tandem splitting scheme with any of Ullmark/Vladar/Comrie and Filip Gustavsson. A healthy goalkeeper game may be exactly what they need to inspire this team to compete in the near future.

From GTA writer and hockey addicts. Leafs fans moved to BC from birth to explore the mountain and find the strength to continue cheering. Like to talk about the prospects, potential and coaching strategies.

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