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The opportunity for the change of seasons awaits

Earlier this week, the New York Islanders ended The fourth-longest unbeaten record in a row There are 11 games in franchise history. After defeating the Ottawa Senators, the story quickly turned positive as the Islanders will seek to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive time. In tonight’s game with the Nashville Predators, they scored four consecutive games (1-0-3), and their future is in their hands. Can they seize the opportunity?

The Islanders wait for the season to improve

The Islanders will start eight of their next ten games at the UBS Arena, and everyone in the Eastern Conference will have one to six games. This is good news, especially when you check the location of the wild card. The Detroit Red Wings lead by 12 points, but the Islanders still have five games to play. For the foreseeable future, a major obstacle will be the Boston Bruins, except for the Islanders, everyone in the conference has a game on hand. Although they sometimes encounter difficulties, they have found a way to collect points and will be the team that keeps up with the progress.

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The good news is that the Islanders will play against Detroit and Boston twice this month, which gives them a very good opportunity to compete with their competing teams in the standings. There are also a large number of “proven” matches with some top teams, which can help the team build some confidence and increase the victory list.

Islanders have good news and big question marks

Nice to see JG Pego Anders Lee recently boarded the board, but seeing Oliver Wolstrom scored a beautiful goal against the Senators was just as good. In the past few games, he has been an important reason for the resurgence of Game of Thrones, and the recovery may be an important reason for the Islanders to stand up again in the playoff dialogue.

Islanders forward Oliver Wolstrom cleverly backhanded over the Ottawa Senator’s network administrator to give the team the lead

Matthew Balzal has a bit of continuous scoring-which is another good sign for the team Was severely exceeded During their winless skidding period.But concerns remain Kyle Palmieri And Anthony Beauvillier. Palmieri only scored one goal this season, scoring two points in the past 12 games. He has been looking for his own way of surfing the Internet recently and gaining opportunities, but to no avail. With the exception of last year’s playoffs, his shooting percentage has dropped sharply in the past few seasons, which surprised people at his ability to recover.This also led to some Revisiting Exposing Jordan Eberle, He spent a great season with the Seattle Sea Monsters.

Beauvilliers is also a question mark at the moment. If they have a chance to make the playoffs, Beauvillier needs to be a bigger piece of the Islanders’ offense meaninglessly in 13 games and 12 games, especially if Brock Nelson is still on the shelf for a while. . Due to the team’s lack of energy, his poor performance in the shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks, and lack of the speed and tenacity he is known for, made it difficult for Islanders fans to accept.

On Thursday, the team did get some good news. The aforementioned Nelson and Casey Sizikas returned to practice on the ice together. Neither of them will return to the Predators game, but coach Barry Trotz did say that the two were “a few days apart.” During the media availability period on Thursday.

There has been a lot of chatter about Zach Parise this season, which feels a bit redundant. Yes, even though he had a breakthrough and looked at the net clearly, he still could not find the back of the net, but that was not why he was here. He was introduced as a veteran, helped with penalty kicks, and was defensive. Not for scoring goals. This kind of offensive expectation comes from the poor performance of the rest of the team, not from what he was taken to do. He should provide gravy goals, not help get the team on the board.

Defensive player Ryan Plock will still be out for at least the next few weeks, but the continued growth of Noah Dobson in tonight’s 100th game against the Predators is a welcome development because of the ball The team is waiting to regain full strength. “We know who we got with Dobber, it just takes some time,” the defender Scott Mayfield said Thursday“He has talent, skating and skills… He is a special player to watch, so it’s nice to see him on the right track.” Dobson Goal against the Chicago Blackhawks Shows how far he has gone in the past few games. Many people are harsh on this young defender, but he has recently taken a step forward and the islanders love it.

Islander Quotations

Trotz talked about the resilience of his team: “It’s incredible to think about what we experienced last month,” Trotz said after his victory over Ottawa on Tuesday night. “I have never experienced it. These people have never experienced it. The way we unite and fight, I have to give them a lot of honor.”

Lee on the Islanders breaks slippery: “There is a sense of relief. This is a difficult time and we stay together. We started to build our game the other night…it started to tire you…in order to win…this is exactly what we need. “

If it feels like this, Trotz on Back to normal: “It does a little bit because we start to play the game at a normal speed. We have to get everyone back.”

Mayfield believes in their game Last four games“A big part of our game is just believing in our system and our professional ethics. Players outside the lineup are very difficult. Now everything is to find victory.”

Islander storyline

The storyline going forward is almost certainly how the islanders take advantage of their situation, which feels strange considering their place in the standings. In addition, if they want to enter the playoffs, it is necessary to restore their lineup to full strength before the end of the month. Before that, many players have the opportunity to help this team move forward until it returns to its full strength.

Jon Zella is a 30-year-old Long Island native who currently lives in Syracuse, New York. Outside of hockey, he likes motorcycles, beer, coffee and his dog Olive.

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