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The older rookie leads by example, and Gunther of the Coyote shines in the game

Of course, expectations for 2021-22 Arizona Coyote Considering that the team is in the throes of another reconstruction, please stay calm.Bill Armstrong Has been very busy this offseasonAlthough there is still a lot to be evaluated through training camp before the final roster is formed, the team has a good understanding of all potential rookies, including in the development camp, and the recent rookie face-off tournament.

Some things are predictable in nature—for example, the genius Dylan Gunther lit three lights in two games—but other aspects, such as some “veteran” rookies who have strengthened their leadership roles in the past few weeks, are impressive. deep impression.

Taken together, these factors have created a very successful rookie development stage, all teams in the Coyote organization will benefit from it, and fans will be full of expectations in the next few years.

Dylan Guenther doesn’t waste time lighting up lights

Well, this is absolutely no one surprised.

Gunther Has exploded to the scene In the Arizona Rookie Standoff Championship, scored three goals in the first two games of the Championship.He scored twice in the team’s first game Vegas Golden Knights Before scoring the team’s only goal Los Angeles Kings In the next game.

Nothing is more beautiful than this, his pure scoring ability is shown to the world. In the blink of an eye, Gunther grabbed a top shelf and wiped the water bottle off in the process.

Yes, this is just a rookie tournament, he has not yet competed with the league’s top NHL talents. However, a glimpse of the future of Coyotes now excites fans for good reason.

“He is a shooter,” said John Slaney, assistant coach of the Tucson Road Runners. “When he gets the hockey puck, he stays calm and has a broad vision.”

For those who have been following the 18-year-old winger, this should not be news, as he has found goals in every league he has participated in. Guenther won the Gold Medal World Youth Championship with Canada in the 2020-21 U18. He scored 7 points in the same number of matches. Just the previous season, the 2019-20 season, he scored 59 points in 26 goals and 33 assists in just 58 games against the Edmonton Oil Kings, and won the Western Hockey League. The Jim Pigot trophy became the rookie of the year.

Yes, children can play.

Dylan Gunther, Arizona Coyote
Dylan Guenther, Arizona Coyotes (Patrick Brown / The Hockey Writers)

Obviously, his development is still very early, but if Guenther continues to impress, then fans are likely to see him wearing a Kachina sweater in The Valley sooner rather than later.

Ty Emberson and Cameron Crotty lead by example

Guenther has attracted most of the attention. Understandably, considering that he is the 9th overall pick in the 2021 NHL draft in Arizona, but thanks to the support of some “veteran” rookies, he is comfortable on the larger stage. Uplifted in the camp. Some of the players Slaney specifically mentioned include defensive players Ty Albertson and Cameron Crotty.

“We are just looking at what those guys will do. From day one, these two guys are very good and have achieved leadership. [roles],” Slaney said, “This is what Cam did for us in Tucson in the second half. This is part of the culture he had in college. “

Crotty was a third-round pick in the 2017 draft. He was 22 years old. He played 32 games with the American Hockey League (AHL) Roadrunners last season and scored 4 points in 32 games. He is the backup captain of Boston University for the 2019-20 season.

The 21-year-old Albertson was the third-round pick of the 2018 draft and was the captain of the University of Wisconsin last season. Before joining Roadrunners In five regular season games last year, he scored a goal. He is a defensive defender and is not afraid of hitting opponents, which he has done many times in the first two games of the Championship.

“He is a defensive player and must bring his physical fitness to his side, but at the same time, it is important that he understands how fast we must take the ball out of the penalty area,” Slaney said. “He did a very good job for us [in Tucson] At the end of last year, the ice hockey was pushed a lot. “

Ty Emberson, Arizona Coyote
After Sunday’s rookie face-off tournament (Patrick Brown / The Hockey Writers) against the Los Angeles Kings, Arizona Coyotes defender Ty Emberson answered the question

As he progressed in various hockey leagues, the American defender’s game speed greatly accelerated, but he continued to try to instill the same values ​​and professional ethics he had seen before. So far, it has been effective, and he is proud that he can help other novices just as he has been helped.

He credits him Short collaboration with Roadrunners last season, And his time at the University of Wisconsin, helped him get ready to stand up. What’s more, he had already walked through these camps before.

“I think I’ve been a born leader all my life, and I kind of lead by example,” Albertson said after Sunday’s tournament. “It’s about eating right, taking care of your body, and making sure you are listening to the training so that you can know what’s going on even before you step on the ice.”

His ability to come forward also had a positive impact.

“I have always liked this aspect of the game,” Emberson said. “Obviously, I will not go out and drag anyone with my toes, but I want to keep the hockey puck out of our own net and become a physical existence.”

The future is far away but bright

The rookie training camps of the past few weeks are certainly inspiring for fans, even if people realize that a championship-level team will take years. However, the foundation has a solid foundation, and Slaney has noticed the difference that the leader brings every night.

They behave appropriately and do all the little things that need to be an example for others.

“They are small details, but they are important details,” he said. “if [those aren’t present], You want to spend the night in your own area. “

Between the presence of veterans in these rookie lineups and the influx of high-end talents that have already emerged in the organization, one thing is clear: fans have a lot to be optimistic about.

“All these kids are young, and these people in this organization are very excited,” Slaney said. “Now for the coyote, this is a bright future.”

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