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The Minnesota wild team performed well in overtime, but there are still problems with the overall game

The Minnesota Wilds won the second consecutive shootout. They took the lead early, but when the Wild team relaxed their vigilance in the second and third quarters, the New Jersey Devils were forced to retreat.Wild is lucky Cam Talbot They were very keen when they entered the shootout, his save and Kevin Fiala’s goal won them the game and some very well-positioned goal posts.

Talbot has been on fire most of the time, which is one of the reasons Wild is among the best. The two goals the Devils scored were a combination of defensive collapse and Talbot’s inability to see the puck. The Wild Team may have won, but they still have some things to do.

Wild’s Hartman, Sturm and Fiala

The Wild team has a new name among the teams that have scored the most goals this season, and that is Ryan Hartman. A player who has not scored many goals in the past but is underestimated has emerged this season with 10 goals and 14 points. If he continues to follow this path, his scoring and goals may set a career high, which is what the wild team may need. Continue to discuss Wild’s next surprise scorer Nico Sturm. He showed real potential last season. Although his performance this season has been very unstable, he still showed hope. After an excellent setup by teammate Frederick Gaudreau, he scored a perfect understaffed goal that put the wild team ahead of the Devil by two goals.

Nico Sturm, Wild Minnesota (Photo: Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images),

The rest is the winner, and that belongs to Fiala, A real scoring struggle This season. He scored everywhere, but after seeing his penalty goal, it was hard to believe that he was really in trouble. He showed his talent for finding the net, hoping that this will inspire a scoring record in his favor.

Wild requires consistency throughout the game

Wild has started their old habit of grabbing the lead in the early stage, but let it slip away in the later stage. They took the lead two goals ahead of the game against the Devils, but it didn’t last long. The Devils tied the score with more than one minute left in the game. The main reason is that Wild has not kept their game level consistent. At the beginning of the game, they did not show any signs of fatigue or irregularities, but over time, they began to make mistakes.

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What is worth noting in the late game is their defense. They don’t cover their own players, they have multiple Wild players in one place instead of being scattered. It did not cause any major problems, but it may cause them if it is not fixed. Wild needs to figure out what happened and how to play a complete game without falling behind at halftime.

Wild reliance on self-control

As for self-control, Wild needs to focus on three aspects. The first is not to take unnecessary penalties.Matt Dumba felt guilty about it during the cross-check Pavel Zacha Halfway through the third quarter, he had been asked to give a high free throw early in the game. He is not the only one who fouled in the penalty area. Hartman is known for scoring goals recently, but he was also penalized twice.

Matt Dunbar Minnesota Wild
Matt Dunbar, Minnesota Wild (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

One of Hartman’s punishments was not moving his feet. When the opposing player entered the area that caused Hartman to extend his club and trip the player, he stood still. The wild team scored an underhanded goal in the game, but they did not want to develop the habit of taking unnecessary penalty kicks.

This leaves the third question, Wild’s passing. They have a lot of giveaways recently, which is the result of two things. Their pass didn’t hit the target, or they didn’t look first, their pass went directly to the opposing player. This happened a lot in their game against the Devil team, they were very lucky, it did not bring more goals for the opponent. However, the exact opposite happened in the strong play. Wild would catch the ball almost every time he passed, but he would not shoot until the Devil’s defense had been established and blocked the shot.

go home

After defeating the Devils, the Wild team will go home for five consecutive games at home. They will be able to eat home-cooked meals and sleep in their own beds.They will also avoid East Coast Traffic They got into trouble in the game against the Devils.

As always, the Wild team needs to solve their passing problems and free throw problems in order to succeed at home. They will face the Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Chargers, Arizona Coyotes, Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs.The Maple Leafs will become a wild card, because the wild team has not seen them this season, it will be an interesting game Crazy fans Forward.

Mariah Holland is a Minnesota wild writer for THW and co-host of the THW Youtube show Chicks & Sticks, which produces a new show every Friday. She has been reporting on Wild at THW for more than eight months and has been on Chicks & Sticks since early May. She is always looking for different angles to report on the wilderness and dig deeper into the stories surrounding the team.

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