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The Maple Leafs 2-1 victory over the Rangers’ 3-point gain

It was October 18th, when the New York Rangers defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 in overtime. On Thursday night, the Maple Leafs reversed the situation for the Rangers, this time defeating their Metro Division opponent by a score of 2-1.

This marked the Maple Leafs’ second game in a row and seemed to have played a complete game—showing stronger defensive coverage and taking advantage of their opportunities—which the team’s fans have not been used to in the past period of time.

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Nonetheless, like every game this season, we feel we should take something away from the Maple Leafs’ efforts on Thursday night.

Maple Leafs numbers are by their side

This may be one of the more underestimated figures, but the Maple Leafs wiped out the Rangers at the standoff point. In fact, every player who has had at least one faceoff for the Maple Leafs has a 63% win rate, and the team won an 80% draw.

Allston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs
Allston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Allston Matthews won 79% of the draws, while John Tavares won 80% of the draws. We all know how important it is to win the puck on our own end, but it is difficult to compete for the puck in the offensive zone. Getting the puck immediately after the face-off victory is good for the team and allowing them to cycle the puck, as we saw in the first of two goals by Morgan Reilly tonight.

Most importantly, the Maple Leafs team was able to use their only powerful opportunity to play and shut down their Rangers. Although they were hit, the Maple Leafs did use their bodies to block 12 shots, helping their All-Star goalkeeper to ensure victory.

Maple Leafs Early Season MVP

The person we are talking about here is obvious-he is Jack Campbell. Campbell’s performance against the Maple Leafs this season is absolutely unexpected-since taking office, his NHL career has been transformed.

Jack Campbell has stopped 117 of the 119 shots he has faced in the past four games.

Now, having played 18 games this season, he can easily become the most stable and dominant player on the Maple Leafs. Thursday night was no different, Campbell shot 28 times and stopped the ball 27 times. In fact, in his past four games, including the Rangers game, Campbell has stopped 117 of his 119 shots and stopped twice.

But when it comes to Campbell on Thursday, the most prominent thing is his confidence in the game. When he is not at his best, he will struggle in all aspects-his left and right movements, his possession of the ball, and even just watching the ball.

However, on Thursday-and his most recent game-Campbell played more calmly between the pipes and played behind the net for his defenders.

The Rangers had seven high-risk shots, and Campbell blocked all shots on Thursday.with It’s not a fluke that he is fourth His shooting percentage in the league is still a year he has.

Maple Leafs’ offensive depth defense

As for the Maple Leafs offense, it’s all in the hands of the blue line on Thursday. More specifically, Morgan Reilly completed his second and third goals of the season, making him three-quarters of the Maple Leafs back-end scorer.

But as we discussed The latest episode of the sticks in the 6ix podcast, The deep scoring of the blue line is the main requirement for the Maple Leafs to rely heavily on the scoring of the core four earlier this season.

Morgan Rayleigh Toronto Maple Leafs
Morgan Rielly, Toronto Maple Leafs (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

This is arguably one of Rielly’s best games of the season on both ends of the ice, and it shows. He completed less than 24 minutes of playing time, and it looks like he will be tackled at the start of the new contract next season.

He is now 3 points less than the highest-scoring defensive player this season-Roman Josie and Adam Fox both scored 16 points-and is also ranked in the bottom three of the team in the standings. If the Leafs are to continue to move in the right direction, what they need is a balanced contribution from the back end for the rest of the season.

All in all, even though it was an excellent game for the Maple Leafs-from goalkeeper to forward to play in all areas and protect their ends. This easily became one of the most complete games we have seen from the Maple Leafs this season, so they scored two points.

Maple Leafs host Penguins on Saturday

As for what’s next for the Maple Leafs, they will seek a rebound after losing to the Penguins on Saturday night against Pittsburgh earlier this season. The Maple Leafs were defeated by the Penguins last time. The Penguins won 7-1 and did not have some top stars-including Sidney Crosby, Yevgeny Malkin, Chris Letang, etc.

Don’t be surprised if Sheldon Keefe and Maple Leafs choose Campbell again, because he seems to lead this team through the first quarter of the season.

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Andrew is covering the 8th year of the Toronto Maple Leafs report for the hockey writer. He started broadcasting on CBC’s Canadian Hockey Night and participated in their coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. He previously served as the live voice for London Jr. Knights of Rogers TV and currently hosts Sticks on the 6ix podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewGForbes.

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